Top 5 Michael McDonald Samples of All Time

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Michael McDonald, helping you regulate for over 40 years.
Tonight, June 26th, the great Michael McDonald plays Town Hall. An artist whose music has been as emotive as it has been inspirational, his smooth funk has even lent itself to be the centerpiece of some all time hip-hop classics. Given that these classics never go out of style, we've combed through the times his work with both The Doobie Brothers and his solo career has been sampled to put together the top five Michael McDonald samples of all time.

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5) MF Doom
Off of his instrumental Special Herbs collections, MF Doom's "Mandrake" lifted the catchy core of "What a Fool Believes" from McDonald's years with The Doobie Brothers. Notable here is Doom's completely unnecessary but absolutely welcome inclusion of McDonald saying "He came from" sprinkled throughout the song.

4) Philly J featuring Tony Tiger -
"Girl Next Door"
There's not a whole lot known about Philly J, Tony Tiger or their 1996 single "Girl Next Door," except that it lifted its keys from The Doobie Brothers' "Rio" off of McDonalds' first album with the group Takin' It To the Streets. The chilled funk of the track, as well as the powerful emotive imagery itself is legitimately Michael McDonald-esqe. We never heard from Philly J again, but in terms of obscure mid-90s singles, it's a worthy gem worth digging up.

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