A Primer on Two-9, Atlanta's New Oversized Rap Crew

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The Two-9 posse by Jessica Lehrman
Two-9 is the latest oversized rap crew to seep up from the underground. Consisting of five key members at its core, the Atlanta-based unit has already clocked up collaborations and tour dates with Ludacris, Chance The Rapper, and Juicy J, while anthem-maker Mike WiLL Made It recently took the group under his guidance. (Consider 2012's Two-9 Forever as the mixtape jump-off point.)

With Two-9 playing a New York City show at The Studio at Webster Hall on June 10th, we got group staples Jace and Curtis Williams to break down the collective's back story, ponder on the dynamics of a collaboration with Miley Cyrus, and explain why their live show is an emphatically coital experience.

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How did Two-9 form?
Two-9 came to be when Curtis and another friend decided that we should become a group together 'cause we all knew each other and liked the music. This was around 2009 and that's why we're called Two-9 -- 'cause we started in 2009.

Did you consider any other names for the crew?
Originally we were called Pilot Music but around that same time Curren$y was coming up and getting a lot bigger and so a lot of things associated with pilot music was with him. So we decided to simplify the name and pick something that was closer to our own identity.

Did you have many conversations about the direction and image of the group?
We didn't really have any conscious conversations about what we were trying to do and which direction we wanted to go in with the music. It's more that we all have the same mindset so whenever we do talk about stuff we always know what direction we're going in.

Can you break down what each of the core members brings to Two-9?
Well FatKidsBrotha, which is Dav.E and Light Skin Mac 11, they are more like N.W.A. and I want to say their sound is more low-fi and stripped-down. They very much like Master P a lot and Eazy-E and N.W.A., so I'd say that would be their biggest influence sound-wise. Then Curtis is just energy! His songs are just energy and you can feel that in his music -- I don't know if you could classify it as a style but he wants everyone to feel his energy when he makes music. Then myself and Ceej as Retro Sushi, we're the most eclectic of the group as far as our influences and what we put into the music. Our process to making music is probably the most different out of everybody.

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