Kurt Metzger Talks Emmy Nominations, Jim Norton, and Amy Schumer

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Chappelle's Show vet and Comedy Cellar regular Kurt Metzger says he's done courting the ire of bloggers who feign outrage in the service of page counts: "If you like it, good, and otherwise don't even watch it. I don't need to break it down any more than that." At the final party of Montreal's Just for Laughs comedy festival, he reflects on his recent successes...and his subsequent lack of leisure time.

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How has your festival experience been?
It was good! But I'm worn out. I think I did too many shows. At first I wanted to, but in hindsight I should have had a free day or something.

Any personal highlights?
Andy Kindler's State of the Industry speech. And I went to the tail ends of the Green Room with Paul Provenza shows, but then the rest of the time I had to do my own shows. I had, like, three a night.

You were part of the Bill Burr Gala taping.
I've been here before, but I've never done a Gala. I thought it would be shitty; I've seen footage of really good comics doing really great jokes, and the crowd not laughing. Like that's all the Gala footage I've ever seen, the crowd being not that into it. But this one was good.

You also performed your own solo show every evening.
That venue, Katacombes, is fuckin' awesome! I had a good time, and then I slowly petered out. My last couple I was really like, "Ugh, I don't want to say any of these stupid fucking jokes anymore."

How much new time have you amassed since your debut hour special, July 11's White Precious?
I think I've got about 20 minutes, but I haven't done it all together. It's decent enough to do, but they're not all good yet.

How does it feel having your first hour special under your belt?
Like I took a big shit! It's great! It feels like a real relief to get that out of me.

Tell me about the special's promotional pamphlets.
They're like fake Watchtowers, and they were supposed to be, like, eight pages! I can't write that much! For a promo thing, it's too much. So I found some old shit I wrote that I was able to cut and paste at the last minute. It's like my "prophecies." It looks great.

There's still some irregular copies, and if people want them they can Facebook me, and I can probably give you some. Comedy Central made them, and I said, I'll put it on my Facebook that the first however many people write to me, I'll mail them to you, and you should throw them on the ground, like how you should find one of those. And they had codes on them to download the album version. A whole bunch of people wrote in, but I only sent it to, like, the first 10. Because Comedy Central wasn't going to pay for all that postage. But it was a good promo.

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