Overheard at 4Knots Music Festival

Photos Nate "Igor" Smith
If you were at 4Knots, you already know first hand that the festival brings out the hippest, chillest, most attractive New Yorkers to South Street Seaport -- but did you know that it also attracts some of the funniest folks around? Here are the best things we were lucky enough to overhear at 4Knots this year. Keep talking!

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"I used to understand most tee shirt symbols but now I'm old."

"He doesn't drink or get high anymore. He's straight edge like it's 2005 or something."

"I was mad wondering why people were walking around fucking eating so many of these [free KIND Bars, being passed out to festival goers] but now I'm so happy." *bite*

"I guess blonde girls in harem pants really is a problem."

"THE problem. It is THE problem."

"I wonder if normal dogs judge dogs who wear ascots."

"Her pockets are much longer than her shorts."

"Is this a Yes-Smoking Zone?"

"We aren't eating until after the show."


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South Street Seaport

19 Fulton St., New York, NY

Category: Music

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