Charlamagne Won't Be Happy Until Fredro Starr of Onyx Knocks Him Out, Apparently

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Last Thursday Onyx went on Power 105's Breakfast Club morning show to hock product when things went sideways. Fredro Starr got in the face of morning host Chalamagne Tha God after taking umbrage with something he said. Things escalated quickly, and very nearly came to blows. You can read all about it (and hear it) here. Well, Charlamagne never content to leave well enough alone, can't stop slingin' darts at ole Fredro. The morning after the near altercation, Char -- the self-proclaimed "Prince of Pissing People Off, the Ruler of Rubbing You the Wrong Way, the Architect of Aggravation" -- went on air and named Fredro the station's "Donkey of the Day," egging him on further. Because, apparently, dude won't be happy until he's jumped outside his own studio again. Click through for audio.

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Natural Sanchez
Natural Sanchez

Yeah fredro 50 ran from you you lucky char the god would have bust your little ass you ain't tough niggers know you this ain't the movies 1 d. You a light weight your ego can't fight

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