J-CUSH on Lit City Rave: "Trust That the Energy Will Reach Ridiculous Levels All Night"

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Lit City Trax is a New York-based record label that happens to throw some of the city's best parties. Founded in 2011 by Jamie Imanian-Friedman, also known as performer J-CUSH, the label puts out a steady stream of artists pushing past the edges of dance music. DJ Rashad, who tragically passed away this year, was instrumental in the label's beginnings. Their original goal was to bring the high-BPM micro-genre footwork, via Rashad's Chicago label Teklife, to the masses, but they've gone far beyond that. In 2014 they've released critically acclaimed albums by Traxman, UNIIQ3 and others, and last year they made Dazed And Confused's top labels of 2013 list.

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Lit City has an alternate life as a production company, throwing memorable dance parties everywhere from now-deceased Brooklyn DIY venue 285 Kent to one time strip club The Westway. 285 Kent booker and AdHoc founder Ric Leichtung says that these parties are what pushed footwork into the public consciousness. "It was really the vibe of the parties that helped launch the genre on a ground level in New York and to some degree internationally," he told the Voice. "It's more than just a footwork party - club music of all creeds play at Lit City, and it has become a showcase for next-level dance music, whether it's footwork or ghetto-house, Jersey or Baltimore club, bass or ball culture."

A truly underground endeavor, it's surprisingly hard to find information about Lit City online. We thought this needed amending, so we talked to J-CUSH about what's going down at this Friday's Lit City Rave at TBA Brooklyn, and the state of the label today.

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TBA Brooklyn

395 Wythe Ave., New York, NY

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