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They say a man's home is his castle, but one man is trying to turn his living room into a "Danger Zone." Washington DC's Erick Sanchez set the internet on fire last week when he launched a Kickstarter attempting to raise money for a private acoustic Kenny Loggins concert in his living room. The web proved that a Kenny Loggins house party is at least as admirable of a cause as potato salad, and story quickly spread to Gawker, becoming popular enough for Sanchez to start doing interviews with local television affiliates and, late Tuesday night, appearing via Skype on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Prior to his national television debut, we spoke to Sanchez about what a Kenny Loggins concert in his home would mean to him.

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Do you recall the first time you ever heard Kenny Loggins?
The first time I recall hearing Kenny Loggins was when I was a kid. My parents had a 1992 Plymouth Acclaim and I feel this is the moment in my life when I started making memories. I just remember hearing these songs. Eventually you just start listening to what everyone else is listening to for the longest time. When streaming music started becoming more of a reality, I remember making this Pandora station in 2009 called "Yacht Rock." Since Pandora has their intuitive music selection process, it really brought be back to enjoying those times in the back of my parent's Plymouth Acclaim.

In 2010, I saw Loggins play in Ohio for the first time. It was a 4th of July show in Columbus, and then I saw him the following year in DC. It was probably a month ago when I saw he had his own Kickstarter for his band The Blue Sky Riders who are funding music for another project. They're coming out with a CD. There was an exclusive tier that they weren't putting on Kickstarter and directed people to the website. It said, for a set-amount, they would come to your living room and play an acoustic show for 75 minutes. I thought I'd try to put a Kickstarter together and see what happens. By the time I got the Kickstarter approved and got to set up an account, the following day The AV Club did a write-up. The whole thing's been a fun ride.

When did you start talking with Loggin's camp?
Around Wednesday or Thursday I got an email from Loggin's manager saying they heard about the Kickstarter, it sounds really awesome and let's talk about it. We talked over the phone to discuss the stipulations in case I got funding. Friday night I was out with some friends pretty late when I missed some calls from a Los Angeles phone number. It was the manager, who shot me some texts saying "Hey, Kenny wants to talk to you tomorrow morning, are you available to Skype?" The next day I was up, log into Skype and had a ten minute conversation with him. He was totally in shock that I'd be putting this together and was really pumped about it. He really wants me to hit the goal, we've been emailing back-and-forth. He's going to be in town next week for a show in Northern Virginia, so we're going to try to find a way to meet-up and talk about everything. I still have about 18 days left, so I'm hoping we can hit that goal by then.

Is this the first Kickstarter you've ever done?
First one. I also feel I've never had an idea that was worthy of going to Kickstarter for.

Has anyone from Kickstarter contacted you in regard to the attention its gotten?
I haven't heard from anybody over there, but when I talked to Kenny, he said the founder of Kickstarter donated to his, which is pretty cool.

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