Were the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards the Greatest of All Time?

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Number 9...Number 9...Number 9
With the 32nd annual MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday, the music world and Taco Bell both seem to be abuzz with VMA fever. But as excited as we are about this year's telecast, VMA season has us nostalgic for some of our favorite Video Music Awards memories. One particular telecast we keep coming back to is the 1999 installment. Hosted by Chris Rock from right here in New York's Metropolitan Opera House, it was heavily promoted for months to air on 9/9/99, using the repetition of The Beatles' iconic "Revolution 9" to fully embed the date in our heads. The night was a celebration of music at a time when the industry was at its zenith and MTV held its strongest influence. It was also one heck of a show.

But was it the greatest Video Music Awards of all time?

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Well, in one night, we had...

Chris Rock's Incredible Monologue That We Still Quote.
"He need another hit like a crackhead need another hit" is our go-to desperate one-hit-wonders description.

Kid Rock, Run-DMC and Aerosmith Bringing the Rock-Rap Fad Full Circle
It's rare MTV looks back at videos from yesteryear, but to recreate one from 13 years prior is pretty incredible and came off undeniably cool.

Will Smith Bringing Out Tupac's Mother Afeni Shakur and Biggie's Mother Voletta Wallace
With their sons' deaths still fresh in the public conscious, Shakur and Wallace came together in a touching expression of unity.

Diana Ross Feeling Up Lil Kim
A musical icon lifts Lil Kim up to another level.

Eminem's First Awkward Acceptance Speech Ever
One of the rare moments a winner is legit shocked that they won, Em is put on the spot here and gets through the struggle in the most charming way possible.

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