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8/23: Under the Big Black Sun (1982)

Before X ever released a record, they lost one of their biggest fans - Exene's older sister Mirielle, who died in a car accident on her way to one of their shows. Much of the material on Under the Big Black Sun centers around Exene unpacking that heartbreak, and she has stated that it's her favorite of the band's catalogue. The LP was X's first for Elektra and features tinges of protest folk and more introspective moments, making it particularly well-suited for the venue.

Classic Cuts: "Riding With Mary," "Come Back to Me," "Because I Do"

Who Should Go: The personal nature of this record could lend itself to some ultra-candid moments and emotional anecdotes, making it a must-see for obsessives of X mythology. It also has the potential for best-dressed crowd thanks to its rockabilly tinges.

8/24: More Fun in the New World (1983)

Seeking the commercial success that eluded them for much of their career, More Fun is also more accessible, more pop-oriented, and more optimistic. That's not to say that X sold out - they just lightened up a little and let their interest in the mainstream shine through. Their confidence allowed them to explore a wide array of new ideas and as a result, the record showcases X at their most eclectic.

Classic Cuts: "The New World," "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts," "True Love, Part II"

Who Should Go: The band's fourth record makes the perfect soundtrack for a triumphant retrospective of the X's career, and the atmosphere at City Winery is sure to be euphoric. Be prepared to get up out of your seat and sing along.

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