Interpol - The Met - 9/2/14

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Better Than: Being inebriated during mass at the Vatican.

Is Interpol art? I asked myself that very question as I watched Paul Banks -- a ridiculously handsome man, in a black suit and tie with slicked hair a la Don Draper ('cause that's how he rolls) -- perform inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and wondered if I was witnessing some kind of majestic piece of historic art come to life.

Over the top? Perhaps. But when you're inside this particular concert venue (which isn't typically a concert venue) where there are no sticky floors, harsh lighting, or grotesque bathrooms, but rather Egyptian artifacts that date back from the Paleolithic to the Roman period, it feels special. It's not every day a New York band performs inside a New York institution.

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In less than a week Interpol's fifth album, El Pintor, drops, which is why we gathered last night to celebrate this monumental moment inside the Met's Temple of Dendur. We're also here because (a word from the show's sponsor) the Met launched its new app, blah, blah, blah.

Another reason why this show important: it marks the start of the band's first global tour in three years.


As the band made their way onto the makeshift stage it felt as they too were an ancient artifact being unearthed. They looked reborn. It may be the three-year hiatus, but the band seems a lot happier these days, Banks does anyway. The dude had a grin the entire time! It was kind of spectacular, considering he's not exactly known for his smile. Although he was short on words during this brief hour-and-a-half show he was visibly taken by the entire of experience. He'd look around the museum, smile at the crowd, and gaze at the Egyptian temple in front of him.

"What an honor it is to play a hometown show at the Met," Banks said, in awe. "This is pretty fucking cool."

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