This Weekend In New York: AIDS Wolf Gets Serious, Norton Fest Turns The Bell House Into A Garage


In Waste Of Paint, our writer/artist team of Jamie Peck and Debbie Allen will review goings-on about town in words and images.

This weekend, Waste Of Paint traveled back in time to take a look at the roots of the neo-garage-rock movement we know and love today. As it turns out, the scene's forefathers and mothers have not gone extinct, but continued on their original paths, sprouting numerous branches along the way. We also saw AIDS Wolf, because why not?

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Live: AIDS Wolf Lead A Raucous, Ripped-Pantyhose-Heavy Noise-Rock Spectacular At Death By Audio

throat razor 01.jpg
Meet Rat Bastard. All pics by Rebecca.
AIDS Wolf/Rat Bastard/Etc.
Death by Audio
Saturday, January 15

Saturday night, Williamsburg's Death by Audio witnessed "Throat Razor," a noise showcase put together by Throat, a collective of five recent female RISD grads. The goal was to raise funds for a planned non-profit art co-op like one they admired back in Providence, "an unjuried space where any dreamer with vision could display their pieces, without barriers." Montreal's AIDS Wolf headlined; in addition to being experimental noise-rock stalwarts with over a dozen releases to their credit, they're visual artists themselves: Core members Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau also collaborate as Seripop, a prolific printmaking and installation duo, with international acclaim.

Miami growler Rat Bastard was another highlight; eight years ago, he founded the sprawling International Noise Conference with the motto "No droning, no laptops." (Here's a fascinating Vice interview with this character.) On the other end of the noise spectrum, Shawn Greenlee performed earlier in the evening with a novel approach: He uses a camera that interprets drawings in a notebook as sounds, which he then manipulates live through a laptop and various other effects devices wired into the mix. Photos of all of the above, plus guys in ripped pantyhose, cat-meowing, and "Mongolian sausage"-chanting, below:

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Help Make Art-School Dreams Come True at Throat-Razor's Saturday Benefit With AIDS Wolf, Holy Sheet, and More

Thumbnail image for throat-razorflyer.jpg
L.V. Wishnia
If this poster doesn't make you want to go, don't what will

Laura Perez-Harris is dreaming hard. A 2010 RISD grad, the Long Island native would like to create somewhere in New York where all artists could show their work--an unjuried space where any dreamer with vision could display their pieces, without barriers--and where art students and prospective art critics could pass through and give the displayed work sorts of free-form, unbiased feedback. And there'd be a movie theater and a performance venue and a studio space, and all of these would be "affordable and accessible." Lest this seem like a hash-pipe art-school figment, Perez-Harris would like to point out that there's a place just like this where she went to school in Providence, AS220, a venerable non-RISD-affiliated compound that's successfully done this very thing for nearly three decades, and there's no reason why Brooklyn shouldn't have one of its own.

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