Nas And Kanye West Leak Tracks, Lead The Pack (Again)

"Queensbridge, y'all ready to see Nasty Nas?" Thus begins Nas' "Nasty," a return to form that justifies the answer to that question always being "Yes, duh!" With rugged, street-level bars about the finer things in life and being better than other rappers that recall his legendary post-Jay-Z battle street single from 2002's God's Son "Made You Look," and a slick-tongued flow Nas admits his fans haven't adjusted to, "Nasty" is every bit what its title implies. It also gives hip-hop diehards who have spent the last 15 or so years hoping for a second Illmatic a spoonful of Nas showing off the skills that keep his name in "greatest rapper of all time" debates.

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Eminem And Royce da 5'9" To Revive Bad Meets Evil

Earlier this month, the Voice's Philip Mlynar took a look at the dilemma faced by Slaughterhouse, the all-star underground rap crew recently signed to Eminem's imprint, Shady Records. Balancing their credibility with the profit-making aims of a major label might be tricky in the current moment, but, Mlynar argued, "Slaughterhouse are finally rolling with the right team" now that they're on board with Eminem and his crew. Today's announcement that Em and Slaughterhouse member Royce da 5'9" would revive their Bad Meets Evil collaboration--which was last spotted together on record in 1999--would seem to be the first piece of evidence bearing out that hypothesis.

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