Neil Young, Foo Fighters, Black Keys To Play A Big Charity Show In Central Park

Neil Young.
The Global Festival 2012, a concert on Central Park's Great Lawn sponsored by an outfit called the Global Poverty Project, will take place on September 29; Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Foo Fighters, and the Black Keys will headline, with Band of Horses and K'Naan serving as support acts. As is customary with shows on the Great Lawn, he show is free as far as monetary cost, but you'll have to give up some of your time if you want to get in—to enter the lottery for tickets, you'll need to point your web browser to, which is chock-full of " a wide cross-section of content and actions about international health and development issues, ranging from videos to in-depth white papers," and peruse some of the content within to accrue points. Three points enters you into the lottery for tickets. But if you don't want to click around with the hoi polloi, there are, of course, VIP options available. Private bathroom access: Worth your $189.50? It's your call!

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Live: My Morning Jacket Build A Better Classic Rock At Madison Square Garden

My Morning Jacket w/Band of Horses
Madison Square Garden
Wednesday, December 14

Better than: The other bands on the Bonnaroo roots-jam circuit.

I sometimes imagine the young Kentucky rock fan who would one day name himself Jim James surfing the internet in the late '90s (we called it surfing back then), searching for some Allman Brothers guitar tabs, and stumbling upon a message board debate about the perils of rockism and boomer nostalgia and dinosaurs who won't let the '70s go. I imagine James absorbing the ideas about not making "rock" the default genre idea, prejudices about pop and dance music and closed minds and closed ears. (You know the drill.) I imagine him nodding, taking it all in and deciding that they were all good points—but realizing that he still really liked guitar solos. The solution? He would use these ideas to build a better classic rock. This is a completely imaginary scenario, but it has worked out pretty well for him.

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J Mascis Is Opening For Band Of Horses At The Hammerstein Tomorrow Night

There's something so exciting about last-minute announcements, right? Or maybe I just live on the deadline edge a little too much. Anyway, this just in: Tomorrow night's Band Of Horses show at the Hammerstein Ballroom—occasioned by the implosion of the Kings of Leon tour last week—will be opened by none other than awkward banterer J Mascis. Showtime's 8 p.m. tomorrow; tickets are still available for $43.85.

Band Of Horses Turn Lemons Into A Show At The Hammerstein Ballroom Next Week

Over the weekend Southern-rock boy band Kings of Leon had a meltdown in Dallas that resulted in them canceling their tour, a fate that left Band of Horses, who were slated to open for them at sheds across America, at loose ends. But they bounced back, setting up shows in the cities they were scheduled to visit—and that includes New York. Kings of Leon and Band of Horses were scheduled to play Jones Beach next Wednesday, August 10—but since that isn't happening, that night the shimmery Seattle-based act will headline the Hammerstein Ballroom instead. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. "Scheduled Openers: TBA."

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Paying Tribute To Archers Of Loaf: "Even If I Had Two Other Hands, I Couldn't Count My Favorite Archers Songs On Them"

In this week's Voice, we looked at the history of Archers Of Loaf, the storied North Carolina indie outfit that recently got back together for a run of shows and reissues. Below, some quotes from Archers frontman Eric Bachmann that couldn't fit into the Voice's print edition; members of Band of Horses, Les Savy Fav and the Hold Steady help restore the white trash heroes' proper place in indie rock's annals, too.

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Please Don't Riot at the Free Band of Horses Show at Grand Central Terminal Tomorrow

As the newly-crowned Nostradamus of the 2010 New York free summer concert circuit, we feel compelled to intervene here, and ask that when you are inevitably denied entry to this show tomorrow--which is actually being held in the beautiful Vanderbilt Hall, adjacent to the Main Concourse, and thus not directly in the path of Grand Central's Friday evening summer mass exodus--you walk away quietly and peacefully, like an adult, as opposed to chucking a chair off the balcony of Michael Jordan's The Steak House N.Y.C.

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In Honor Of Shephard Fairey I Suppose We Better Post This New Band Of Horses Video For "NW Apartment"

He's a big fan, as you'll recall. And who can blame him: pretty forceful, raucous tune, this! That the video seems to be entirely time-lapse photography of Twilight forest exteriors, and that basically just staring at a tree while the sun sets might for some in our midst replicate the experience of listening to Band of Horses with uncomfortable accuracy, is immaterial. Record's out in a couple weeks; they play MSG with Pearl Jam May 21. Obey!

Live: Band of Horses at the Masonic Temple, 02.14.08

Categories: Band of Horses

photos by Rebecca Smeyne


Band of Horses
Brooklyn Masonic Temple
February 14th, 2008

I've been kind of bummed out lately, which means I've been even pickier than usual about what music I listen to. At the moment, I've been serving myself a steady diet of sad vocals and slamming guitars, preferably played fucking loud: Dinosaur Jr.; Shocking Pinks; some Ride (I'm not gonna lie); that kind of thing. Similarly, The Funeral's been charging hard up my most-played list, which meant last night's Band of Horses show at the Masonic Temple should've gone down like a dream. It didn't. Part of the blame for that has to go to the venue, a category that includes the people inside. Maybe I was in a bad spot, but for most of the show, I found myself surrounded by non-stop gabby gabbers. Seriously, why go to a show if you want to talk the whole time? There are better places to have a conversation about the relative merits of Momofuku Noodle Bar Vs. Momofuku Ssam Bar. Yes, I'm talking to you, guy in the "Too Duck to Frunk" T-shirt. Also, some jackass inexplicably threw beer in a stranger’s face and I caught some ricochet action. That was annoying.

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CMJ: Band of Horses at the Bowery Ballroom

A/K/A Sub Pop Had a Showcase

If the author had been one of the people snapping blurry photos, this wouldn't be a Band of Horses photo from McCarren Park Pool. Just sayin'.
photo by Rebecca Smeyne

The Brunettes + Band of Horses
Bowery Ballroom
Day 5: Oct 20

By Michael D. Ayers

By the fifth day, CMJ might have taken its collective toll on everyone; The Brunettes were playing a perfectly harmless set of New Zealand style jangle-pop (which is quite similar to all other jangle pop you might like), and I noticed in the corner a guy with a badge. Sitting down. Reading a book. It looked like a novel; there was no dust jacket, but the hardback looked new. He was devouring it, and seemed annoyed that he was working, or on call, or whatever it is that this particular badger was doing. Okay, I get that one would leave a show because he/she is really into a book, and the band on stage just isn’t doing it, but I had never seen anyone read during a band’s performance. At least not at the Bowery Ballroom. Yeesh.

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