Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - Barclays Center - 4/16/13

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Kelly Schott
Better Than: Pretending today's music has got the same soul. (Couldn't resist.)

Bob Seger is summer nights and long drives. His songs capture the romantic suburban fantasies of middle America that star drive-in movies and stolen moments of youthful passion. He's a Midwestern boy through and through and he brought those open-fielded, sun-soaked memories of youth and freedom to Brooklyn last night, making an older crowd seem like a group of enthusiastic kids in the process.

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Live: The Songwriters Hall Of Fame Awards Roll Back To The '70s

Larry Busacca
Constantine Maroulis and Meat Loaf.
43rd Annual Songwriters Hall Of Fame Awards
Marriott Marquis
Thursday, June 14

Better than: Disco roller derby.

If you closed your eyes and listened to the parade of songs and familiar voices emanating from the Marriott Marquis' luminary-packed sixth-floor ballroom last night, you might have thought you had been transported back to another era when the nation was distressed about the economy and rising oil prices. (Apparently some things don't change.)

Indeed, four of the five new inductees at the 43rd annual Songwriters Hall Of Fame Awards—Bob Seger, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Steinman and Don Schlitz—arguably had their greatest success in that window between the resignation of Richard Nixon and the one-term presidency of Jimmy Carter.

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