Live: Dom Kennedy And Casey Veggies Make The Scene At S.O.B.'s

Dom Kennedy w/Casey Veggies, After The Smoke, Laws, Skotch Davis
Tuesday, July 5

Better than: Hanging around 200 dudes in a place where there was no music playing, I guess.

Going to a rap show these days, the music is secondary. To be seen is the issue; what is heard is not. Money is spent on cool-kid clothes rather than albums, so it all makes sense. Whereas indie-rock fans have long complained about Pitchfork grades and Williamsburg buzz cycles, hip-hop has quietly been taken over by a Hypebeast its own: the concertgoer who so badly wants to be a part of something, anything. Fans at rap shows will be part of a scene, sure, but they'll settle for existing in the background of a blog post.

The life cycle of a rapper these days goes as follows: Mixtape; mixtape; album; goodbye forever. And then it's on to the next one: a little prettier, a little younger, a little more "relevant." Start a Tumblr, promote through Twitter, crank up the hype machine, put out an album that no one will buy. (No wonder release dates are announced like death sentences.)

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