No Bigs, Just a Photo of Cheap Trick Reading Our Cover Story About NYC Metal/Hardcore

Well, whatdyaknow? It's Cheap Trick photographed outside the i Heart Radio Theater reading a copy of our cover story this week, The Oral History of NYC's Metal/Hardcore Crossover. If you've not yet read it, you really should. Here, we'll link it a third time. No excuses. Go. Now. And while you're at it, check out these bonus classic photos from the story. Surrender.

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Cheap Trick Want You To Want Them Tomorrow At MSG

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cheap trick560.jpg

"Can you honestly tell me that you forgot? Forgot the magnetism of Robin Zander, or the charisma of Rick Nielsen? How about the tunes? 'I Want You To Want Me.' 'The Dream Police,' da-na-na-na-na-na-na." Thus spake sleazebag ticket scalper Mike Damone in 1982's iconic Fast Times at Ridgemont High, hard-selling the iconic appeal of Cheap Trick. Thirty years hence, the fab foursome from Rockford, Illinois, have, if possible, become even more beloved, influential and rockin'--if underrated.

Cheap Trick plays Madison Square Garden November 20th, with Aerosmith.

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Live: Squeeze And Cheap Trick Revel In Their Ridiculousness At Radio City Music Hall

quest twitter squeeze.jpg
A disaster was barely averted tonight

Squeeze/Cheap Trick
Radio City Music Hall
Tuesday, July 13

It's old-timer's power-pop night here at Radio City, where success is measured entirely by when and how often the crowd deigns to stand up (Cheap Trick: only for "I Want You to Want Me," "Surrender," and "Dream Police") or sit back down (Squeeze: only for the slow, boring cabaret tunes or after any utterance of the words "solo album"). Both have ridiculously good songs (Squeeze especially) and aren't at all afraid of looking ridiculous (Cheap Trick especially). Which is good news for everybody.

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