Cher - Barclays Center - 5/9/14

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Cher has an EGO. One Tony Award away from getting that 'T' at the end of EGOT, she embraces every double-meaning of the word in a way that is engaging, self-deprecating and very Cher. After decades in the biz, a Vegas residency, numerous awards, and countless farewell tours, she has retained her ability to simultaneously be the centerpiece showgirl as well as the ringleader of her own circus. On her latest tour--her "farewell farewell farewell tour" as she cheekily calls it--the Cher of 2014 is not only a culmination of every prior phase in her life but maybe the best version of all.

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QUIZ: Are These Tweets From Cher or Horse_ebooks?

If Cher could tweet the stars, she'd give them all 2 U~
RiFF RAFF may get all the the love as the King of Incomprehensible Tweets, but the title of Queen goes to Cher. While she may not have Harmony Korine ready to pen a book of tweet interpretations, the near-EGOTer has roughly 1.3 million followers who eagerly await her tweets, which, on any given day, can cover an odd mix of political rants, Instagram photoshoots, Q&A sessions, and often just a big ol' jumble of letters.

We wonder if maybe Cher takes her inspiration from another popular Twitter feed -- Horse ebooks. The spam account turned Internet phenomenon that friends in your timeline RT a bit too much keeps things as randomly inspirational and fragmented as the pop star. But we're pretty sure @Horse_ebooks never wrote a gem like "Half-Breed."

Do YOU think you can tell the two most interesting tweeters apart? Take our quiz!

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David Letterman Checking Out His Female Musical Guests: A Brief History

David Letterman is no stranger to lust: This is a man who had so much sex with his female employees that people once held a rally to get him fired for being a pervert. And though he remains a national treasure, his eyes do tend to wander, even today. On Monday night, British songstress Adele got a thorough once-over from the venerable talk-show host, as seen above. It wasn't the first time. Here we present more examples of Letterman not-so-discreetly checking out the female musicians who've visited his show over the years.

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