Chuck Berry Reviews Classic Punk Records In Unearthed Zine From 1980

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Steve Truesdell
St. Louis-based zine Jet Lag, cofounded by a former freelancer at our sister paper River Front Times Steve Pick and John "The Mailman" Korst, was published from 1980 to 1991. Charmingly low-budget with offset typewriter print and xeroxed art, the legendary publication featured numerous show reviews, CD reviews, and interviews with bands and artists of concern to St. Louis fans.

One such artist was the godfather of rock & roll himself, Chuck Berry, who had a lot of opinions about the new punk bands of the day.

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Live: Chuck Berry, Still Duck-Walking (And Still Titillating) At B.B. King's

chuck berry main.jpg
He still gets the ladies. Pics by Vita Generalova.

Chuck Berry
B.B. King's
Friday, June 25

There is a (probably apocryphal) story about Chuck Berry at a 1980s concert that, like most things from the decade, is just crazy enough to work. The single most important progenitor of rock 'n' roll as we know it was backstage before a major concert, feeling surly and noncompliant to the screaming fans outside. In his hand was a sandwich; further south, on his, er, broken arrow, was the mouth of an eager young groupie.

His manager came in, looked down at the little queenie below Berry's equator, and yelled, "Chuck, get out there! Do your show!"

Berry scowled. "Aw man. Can't I finish my sandwich?"

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Photos: Chuck Berry at BB King's

more photos by John E. Coli Nikolai here

Chuck Berry
BB King's
Sunday, December 30
photos by John E. Coli Nikolai

Yesterday, the children. Today, the adults.

more photos by John E. Coli Nikolai here

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