Why Ciara Selling Her New Album on Groupon Is a Good Idea (Compared to Other Groupons)

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In case you spent last weekend doing something healthy and productive, you should know that after a dramatic drop in sales, Ciara sold her new CD (as well as another album of "greatest" hits) on Groupon. For the low price of 13.99 (a $5.99 discount plus free returns!), just over 150 of the packages were purchased, so the Groupon deal was a wild success. Here are five reasons why Ciara's Groupon deal was a great idea, as explained by other Groupon deals. Groupon!

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Hit Machines: The Ten Best Singles Runs From Post-Confessions R&B Albums

In his recent review of R&B singer Miguel's fantastic Art Dealer Chic series of EPs, The A.V. Club's Evan Rytlewski explained the singer's rise in popularity by floating the idea that his 2010 album All I Want Is You contained "arguably the most engaging singles run of any R&B album since Usher's Confessions." This argument is much closer to the truth than it may seem on first blush.

Though the genre has experienced a bit of a downswing in the past few years, it's been a reliable source of great pop music since Confessions' release in March 2004. But is Rytlewski's claim correct? Let's look at the R&B albums with the best runs of three consecutive singles since the beginning of 2004 and find out.

But first, some ground rules: The three singles must have been released consecutively—a dud single at any point breaks a string—and off a single album (sorry, Ciara and Ne-Yo); each must have charted on Billboard's R&B chart; and the three singles don't have to be the first off the album, though on this list they all ended up that way.

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Win Tickets To See Ciara At A To-Be-Disclosed Location This Thursday

We are giving away a pair of tickets to see the R&B singer Ciara in New York this Thursday, when she stops here on the Radio Maliboom Boom Tour, sponsored by Malibu Rum. (Recall her fantastic hit "Like A Boy" above; there's more from her on YouTube, too.) To enter, send an email to sotc@villagevoice.com with the subject line "CIARA ON THURSDAY" before 10 a.m. tomorrow; winners will be notified and told the location of the show before Wednesday at 4 p.m. Please note: Winners must be 21. Good luck!

The Ballad of 2010: A Journey Through the Insipid Year That Was

As previously noted, the pop-house that dominated the charts in 2010 was really fucking insipid. So to see this boneheaded year off, here's an anti-poetic tribute comprised of over 30 hits, misses, and album cuts that came out (or flourished) this year about going to the club, taking shots, dancing, and generally being as mindless as possible. If things continue on like this, you may not have to use your brain whatsoever in 2011. Fingers crossed! (Click on the line for its source track.)

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Was 2010 The Best Year For Music Ever? Death To Chris Brown

Welcome to Sound of the City's year-in-review rock-critic roundtable, an amiable ongoing conversation between five prominent Voice critics: Rob Harvilla, Zach Baron, Sean Fennessey, Maura Johnston, and Rich Juzwiak. We'll be here all week!

America's preeminent lady-beater weeps. Photo via Word Up!
Funky drummers,

You know what shocked the shit out of me? The Chris Brown renaissance that occurred this year. After a series of interviews, in which he took very little responsibility for beating a beloved celebrity's face in and tactlessly attempted to use the opportunity of major press to mend his image, his petulant whining climaxed with him begging fans via SayNow.com (whatever that is!) to help "bring me back." You may already know this, but it bears reminding that he actually said these words: "My singing and my music is all great, but I do it for you guys and everything else but it won't be possible if I'm not relevant on the radio and it won't be possible for me to be an artist if I don't have any support from people that give me an artists outlet. I can't be an underground mixtape artist! I just want all my fans to help me." (And, for the record, his singing is merely adequate and Graffiti was, hands down, the worst major r&b release of the last 20 years. Motherfucker is tasteless, through and through.)

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Wait a Minute: Chrisette Michele Outsold Ciara?

Chrisette Michele's weepy, fiery, only occasionally baby-shaking Epiphany debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, a huge coup for the vaguely retro-minded r&b belter. Her legacy, alas: At 83,000 sold, it's the weakest #1 record in Nielsen SoundScan's nearly two-decade history. She just won the last game of bingo aboard the Titanic, in other words.

Another pressing issue, though: How the hell did she beat Ciara? Her Fantasy Ride, to my mind a far more hyped affair from someone with two platinum records already to her credit, wound up a mere #3. (In between, Hannah Montana.) This despite rapturous praise from trusted experts and placement on the best Saturday Night Live episode in forever. It's that terrible song with Young Jeezy, isn't it? Yeah, that makes sense.

(Have fun being vaporized by Green Day next week, everybody.)