Good News: It's OK to Like Weezer Again

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"Take me back," singer Rivers Cuomo intones in the chorus of Weezer's latest hit single, "Back to the Shack." It's a familiar sentiment from him, going all the way back to the early portion of his career when he sang, "I've got to get back" in Pinkerton classic "The Good Life."

Is "Back to the Shack" the return to form he's pining for in the track's own self-referential lyrics? Not quite. It's maybe the worst out of the recently released singles from the band's new record, Everything Will Be Alright in the End, yet it does a pretty damn good job of sounding like the old Weezer, something the band has consistently failed at for the last decade.

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Nine Culinary Ventures By Hip-Hop Artists

Cookin' With Coolio.
Today, excitable Long Island-raised rap firebrand Flavor Flav will open his House Of Flavor restaurant in Las Vegas. The restaurant—which will have fried chicken and something called a "red velvet waffle" on the menu—is Flav's second attempt to break into the food world, following the disastrous Flav's Fried Chicken experiment in Iowa. (In brief: It bombed, lasting for just four months, and also stoked the ire of his Public Enemy partner Chuck D.) But Flav's far from alone in deciding that sometimes the rap game reminds him that he's, well, just very very hungry. Here's a guide to the new rap food movement.

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10 Amazing Quotes From Coolio's New Cookbook, Cookin' with Coolio, Which, Yes, Really Exists

"[My mom's] fried chicken would literally put on tennis shoes and run the fuck into your mouth."


Semi-retired rapper Coolio just released a new cookbook, Cookin' with Coolio, a hilarious guide to becoming what he's deemed a "ghetto gourmet," or at least, "a kitchen pimp." Filled with recipes like "Tricked-out Westside Tilapia" and "Drunk-Ass Chicken," the book won't just introduce you to some delicious, budget-friendly recipes straight out of Compton, it'll change the way you think, and perhaps more importantly, talk about cooking. Coolio and his A.C.P.--that's Assistant Chef Pimp, Jarez, who's also his cousin--embrace an old-school style of home cooking, but in a brand new language of faux-gangsta lingo. You may need to reference our supplementary glossary ("Ghettalian," "Pimptry") to cook anything, but just about anyone can enjoy this culinary wisdom, courtesy of Coolio, who we also interviewed here. Not bad for a guy whose last major appearance in the headlines was a crack-cocaine arrest last spring.

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