Top 10 Super Bowl 2012 Halftime-Show Possibilities

glee SB.jpg.jpg
Let's all do our best to keep this from happening
So another enjoyable terrible Super Bowl Halftime Show is in the books, and as we wash "I Gotta Feeling" out of our eyes and ears for the thousandth time, the question becomes: Who will grace the stage in 2012? How old will their most famous album be? Will your mom like it? Will Twitter? Will you? Let us now gather the most likely suspects and complain about them in advance.

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Tonight They're Gonna Rock You Tonight: Art Brut, Lykke Li, and of Course, Dave Matthews

We'll think of a better name for this soon: Until then, here's Monday night's finest NYC shows.

Holding tickets to the sold-out Dave Matthews gig at the Beacon this evening? Well, here's the most responsible financial advice you've gotten all year: SELL SELL SELL. Watch the thing on Hulu instead, and you'll make enough of a profit for round-trip fare to Johannesburg.

Ohio teen Jessica Lea Mayfield, who spent her childhood singing for the family bluegrass band, plunges Bowery Ballroom into Rust Belt lethargy. Her glimmering songwriting has turned all sorts of heads, including that of Black Keys guitarist/producer Dan Auerbach.

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