Seven (New And Old) Rock Songs That WEMP Should Add To Its Playlist ASAP

In this week's Voice I wrote about the recently flipped 101.9 FM, which—after an abortive effort at being an FM news/talk hybrid—is back to playing commercial "alternative" rock. I listened to a lot of the station's programming during its first seven days on the air, and while I was often pleasantly surprised by the choices of recurrents and the quality/low yarl quotient of the newer songs played I kept thinking that there were songs that could have slotted into the current (and pretty decent!) playlist very easily—or, at the very least, be elegantly swapped out for every third play of the noxiously "funky" likes of Sublime, 311, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Seven suggested tracks, both from the new arrivals stack and the recent alt-rock archives, after the jump.

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Dead Sara Will Set Your Stereo On Fire (In A Good Way)

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A few weeks ago I was perusing the Billboard Rock Songs chart, which at present shows a genre in crisis—its ranks are split between the staggering dinosaurs of the nu-metal era, a few poppier rock outfits like Gotye and fun., and a bunch of bands that sound like slight variations on the old-timey-hoedown template laid down by Mumford & Sons. (Foxy Shazam's problematic yet utterly catchy glam-rock stomp "I Like It" was there, too.) But one thing really stuck out: The presence of four acts fronted by women, who have, with a few exceptions, been pretty much exiled from that particular radio format since the '90s. Adele was there; so was Garbage, and so was Norah Jones. Then there was a band called Dead Sara, who had a song called "Weatherman" in the chart's lower reaches. I clicked play, and oh man, was I blown away from note one.

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