Live: Suffocation Command A Death-Metal Army At Gramercy Theatre

And now, a word from Suffocation's Frank Mullen

Suffocation/The Faceless/Through the Eyes of the Dead/Decrepit Birth/
Fleshgod Apocalypse/Suppressed Theory
Gramercy Theatre
Saturday, October 16

Better Than: Taking an actual beating.

Jesus H. Christ. There was a time (I'm not gonna say I remember it, because I was five) when the words "death metal" meant pretty much one thing: ugly, dissonant, knuckle-dragging evil. But 20 years later, even a "pure death metal bill" draws bands from such distinct movements as deathcore, tech-death, brutal death, and progressive death, all of which made an appearance at Gramercy Theatre Saturday night for the Decibel Defiance Tour. Purists might deride the subgenre-spawning phenomenon as a perversion or dilution of their core values, but I believe it's a testament to the influence that death metal has had on extreme music around the world. New York-born headliners Suffocation were present at the genre's inception, and it's safe to say that every band on the bill owed them a great debt.

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Live: Summer Slaughter Brings Hours And Hours Of Death Metal To Irving Plaza, Including The Polish And Their Goddamn Strobe Lights

Veil of Maya, thankfully not causing epilepsy.

Summer Slaughter
Irving Plaza
Sunday, August 1

The fourth-annual traveling circus known as Summer Slaughter rolled through town last night, offering NYC an overview of the modern extreme-metal scene. This year's lineup tilted heavily toward the 'core-influenced end of the spectrum, a mixed bag that forced more traditional death-heads to endure endless chug-your-beer-bro riffs as they salivated over the prospect of reactivated Polish headliners Decapitated. It was a long, hard, but frequently rewarding road to get there.

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