Ten Reasons Why Dr. Dre's Detox Will Be Great

Does this man have another classic in him?
Dr. Dre's long, long awaited Detox has received its latest release date, this time via a press release from Interscope's London office guaranteeing that hip-hop's most-awaited album will touch down on "February 2011." The project's first single, "Kush," co-starring Dre's long-time gangsta rap conspirator Snoop Dog and Akon, is now officially available. While the album's drawn-out gestation period has bred cynicism towards its quality and actuality, the gigantic sound of Detox is still gonna rule rap next year. Here are ten unabashedly positive reasons why.

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Let's Try This Again: Download The "Finished," "Improved" Version Of The Jay-Z /Dr. Dre Track "No Pressure"

jay-z dr dre studio.jpg
So this long-rumored clash of the titans initially leaked last week, to widespread indifference and Dre's own protest that it was incomplete. And now, here we go again. Spot the differences, if you can. The Kraftwerk nod is still great, the FEMA line still terrible, the Gilbert Arenas line significantly less terrible, the whole thing still oddly hookless and inert. Next week, hopefully, it'll be even better.

Here Is the Long-Awaited and Not Very Good Jay-Z/Dr. Dre Collaboration, "Under Pressure"

With the caveat that the track is almost certainly unfinished, listening to this makes us feel like these two men never should've left whatever comfortable yachts they were reclining on when they phoned this half a song in. We have no proof, but we're gonna guess that Jay wrote Dre's verse here too, so blame him for both--though the dreadful beat is surely entirely of Dre's own making. Here's to things that happen ten years too late? [Rap Radar]

Hm, Dr. Dre Will Be DJing at Best Buy Later Today

This is your new Virgin Megastore in-store, I suppose. The brand new Union Square 24-hour retail outlet will host Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine , will.i.am, Major Lazer, and David Guetta for some sort of series of live appearances, starting at 4pm today. Asking "why?" is futile and probably pointless--the answer involves something called Club Beats, which from the video I just watched most of looks to involve a lot of will.i.am beatboxing and the delusional belief that DJing is about to be "what hip-hop was in 1990" (thanks Jimmy Iovine!), i.e. primed for a major commercial and artistic explosion. On equipment purchased from somebody in a blue shirt at an electronics store. The revolution is now. (Dre though, seriously...) [Brooklyn Vegan]

T.I. As Dr. Dre: "Topless," "Shit Popped Off," "I Am Hip Hop," and the Glory of Being Ghostwritten

Ed Kavishe

We're up to three or four reference tracks leaked off Dr. Dre's Detox: "Crack a Bottle" (which 50 has now apparently taken for Before I Self-Destruct), "Topless," "Shit Popped Off," and maybe some other ones. "It Could've Been You," on which 50 Cent shouts out a phantom D.R.E.: probably. Eminem did Dre's verse on "Crack a Bottle"; "Topless" and "Shit Popped Off" were T.I.

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