Grinderman's "Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye Man" Video: Because Every Thursday Afternoon Can Use An Animated Nick Cave Wrestling With His Inner Demons

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It's pretty NSFW thanks to some flaming pubes and prodigious amounts of teat-suckling, but isn't the prospect of seeing the four members of Grinderman engaging in a little bit of animated choreography worth risking a slap on the wrist from your IT department? [Via]

The Top 10 NSFW Music Videos of 2010


One major downside to 2010: There's a pretty good chance you lost your job. The good news, though, is that the concept of NSFW no longer applies, and so today, while your former co-workers are stuck in their cubicles, bored to death and forced to pass around OK Go's latest YouTube meme, you are free to watch the videos below without fear of censure. OK, it's not much, but we're trying. So whether you're at home or your boss is just out of town, here are the 10 best NSFW music videos of 2010.

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Q&A: Nick Cave On the Grinderman Lyrics That Infuriate His Wife the Most

Cave is the, hell, you already know which one he is. Photo by Deirdre O'Callaghan.
Nick Cave is a busy man. Over the past year, the underground rock hero has released a novel, scored a Viggo Mortensen movie, re-released some of his Bad Seeds records, rewritten the screenplay for a remake of The Crow, and he just put out the second album with his noisy art-rock side band, Grinderman. With what little free time he must have, it's easy to imagine a completely different set of lyrics for Grinderman's tongue-in-cheek 2007 anti-hit "No Pussy Blues" (actually about a man with no game). What's difficult, though, is imagining him finding the time or a place relaxing enough to take a vacation. Apparently, this isn't the case.

"For my last vacation, I took the wife and kids to New York," Cave says. "We had the greatest time. We took the kids to the freak show in Coney Island."

He'll be back in town with his own rollicking sideshow on Sunday, performing with his hirsute Grinderman bandmates at the Best Buy Theater. Their latest release, Grinderman 2 (Anti-), is a slightly more serious take on the feedback freakouts of its predecessor. In Cave's world, that means more songs about religion and brotherhood, and there's even a quasi-anti-war song on record. His new outlook might, in part, have something to do with a few behind-the-scenes goings on between his many releases in recent months. In January 2009, his musical companion of 25 years, Mick Harvey, left the Bad Seeds, and in December, Cave's bandmate in the Birthday Party, guitarist Rowland S. Howard, died at age 50. But even in light of these sobering events, Cave wasn't totally without levity on Grinderman 2--"Worm Tamer" ("You know, they call my girl the Worm Tamer"), for instance, is a fitting sequel to "No Pussy Blues." During some precious downtime before performing that very song on the BBC's Later With Jools Holland, Cave was friendly enough to discuss with us some of the many things that kept him busy while working on the album.

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