Today William Burroughs Would've Turned 95: Watching Gus Vant Sant's "Do Easy"

William Burroughs was born 95 years ago today. King Junk, as Dennis Cooper once called him. Kerouac's Old Bull Lee, Van Sant's junkie priest, cyberpunk godfather, punk ancestor, and benevolent spirit to many more. Above is Van Sant's "Do Easy," a short film adapted from Burroughs's essay of the same name. It ends here:

    Let us now apply DE to a simple test: the old Western quick draw gunfight. Only one gun fighter ever really grasped the concept of DE and that was Wyatt Earp. Nobody ever beat him. Wyatt Earp said: It's not the first shot that counts. It's the first shot that hits. Point is to draw aim and fire and deliver the slug an inch above the belt buckle

    That's DE. How fast can you do it and get it done?

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