100 & Single: How Digital Changed The Charts, From Gwen To GoonRock

Spotify's top tracks (left) and albums on Friday, July 15.
The headline-grabbing music story of the week isn't on the Billboard charts—it's the U.S. debut of Spotify. With the streaming-music service less than 48 hours old here, it's a bit too soon to analyze what songs are getting the most play on its celestial jukebox and why.

But one thing is all but assured: whether Spotify excites you or leaves you a bit wary, it's bound to have an effect on the music we enjoy communally.

How do I know? Because we've been living through the Digital Era on the pop charts for about six years now, and the changes have been seismic, arguably bringing about our current four-on-the-floor dance-pop radio boomlet almost single-handedly.

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