Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, New Order + More - Carnegie Hall - 3/11/14

Photo by Loren Wohl. See more photos from last night.
Iggy Pop and New Order
Better Than: Possibly expected.

A benefit concert can be tricky business. There's a necessity to show earnestness when addressing the cause it benefits while an expectation for a fully-stocked and exciting line-up of performances and surprises exists. It can go horribly wrong or it can be an illuminating, moving and exciting night worthy of the cause it supports and the money shelled out by patrons to benefit said cause. At Carnegie Hall last night, where the 24th Annual Tibet House US Benefit Concert took place, the evening quite certainly felt like the latter.

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David Bowie and Iggy Pop: The Next Day and Ready To Die

There's always a question of whether or not icons can sustain their status and relevance as they age. Tied to histories that have cultivated their own mythology over time, we've been presented with comeback albums grasping onto some semblance of the youth they thrived in. In the chorus of the opening song off an album that came as a welcome shock to fans and loyal followers, David Bowie simply responds to the curious and the skeptical: "Here I am, not quite dying."

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Going Back To Wellsville: Six Great Musical Moments From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete

Michael Stipe as Sludgesicle-peddling Captain Scrummy.
Like a defiant cannonball splash disturbing the tranquility of an adult swim, the Nickelodeon series The Adventures of Pete & Pete lives on. Over three seasons between 1993 and 1996, the show followed the adventures of two brothers each named Pete Wrigley, their parents, their friends, and the entire population of the fictitious suburban town known as Wellsville.

Barely noticed at the time, the cult of Pete & Pete has slowly gained traction in the intervening years. In tribute to that fact, the original cast reunited in Los Angeles last November for the first time since 1996. It's New York's turn on Friday, when the Bowery Ballroom hosts two shows titled "An Evening With the Cast and Crew of The Adventures of Pete & Pete."

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Iggy Pop, Quoted In The New Yorker: "His Pubic Hair, He Volunteered, Is Also Blond"

iggy pop ad.jpg
This body is attainable if you just come to regard air as food.
Here is a mostly intentionally delightful chat with Iggy Pop about his rampant shirtlessness, as conducted with the New Yorker, with all the high-culture/low-culture disorientation that implies. It's like the benevolent version of the Times' Snooki profile. Highlights include:

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Live from Shepard Fairey's "May Day" Opening at Deitch Projects: Fab 5 Freddy and a Topless Breastfeeding Lady

all photos by Sam Horine
Shepard Fairey has a motorcycle posse. And it includes Rick Ross a guy who looks a hell of a lot like Rick Ross

Shepard Fairey's "May Day" show opened this past Saturday. The noise about Deitch Projects' send-off has been near-deafening, amplified by Fairey's rabidly targeted, heavily guarded, possibly illegal Houston Street mural and a handful of Music Hall of Williamsburg-instigated Band of Horses jokes. So the Derby Day event, and specifically Wooster Street, was mobbed. Mobbed like a street fair. Mobbed like one of the only times you'd ever sympathize with the pissy door guy. Mobbed like this was Splash Mountain and everybody was on April vacation.

But once you finally got inside, this is what you saw:

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Good Morning, Fake New York Senatorial Candidate Harold Ford Jr., Trying His Best Not To Look Terrified Of Iggy Pop At Last Night's Rock Hall Induction Ceremony

harold ford iggy pop.jpg
Yeah, some wacky and/or poignant stuff happened at last night's Rock Hall induction, but rest assured that this moment, captured by the NYT's Dave Itzkoff, was the highlight. "Roll over Woodstock, we won," Iggy declared, upon the Stooges' official acceptance, alongside ABBA, the Hollies, Jimmy Cliff, and Genesis. Phish were also involved, and Wyclef. So, again: This was the highlight.

ATP New York Is Happening Again in 2010 with Iggy and the Stooges, Sleep, and Mudhoney.


FUCK YES! [ATP New York 2010]

Another Punk Legend Befriends a Dance-Music Goof: Iggy Pop and Fatboy Slim on Letterman Last Night

Now that the Jimmy Fallon/Thurston Moore clothing mystery is solved, let's direct your attention to the fact that Iggy Pop actually wore a shirt for his entire appearance on Letterman last night. Mr. Pop was there to sing lead with Fatboy Slim's Brighton Port Authority project on their cover of the Monochrome Set's "Hey Frank." This song is old news by press-cycle standards, but one supposes that when a publicist can guarantee these two guys in a room, Letterman's booker just asks St. Vincent to reschedule for Thursday or something. Anyway, this version of "Hey Frank" was kind of crap, bulldozed by the Paul Shaffer Band's cheesy horns, but it's tough not to feel misty-eyed for late-night sidekicks today. Hence, it's endearing to see Iggy sidle up to Paul and pat the back of his waxy noggin--a gesture that came off as both affectionate and vaguely patronizing, a silent I wrote "The Passenger" you wrote "It's Raining Men"/ Nice to see you again. Lastly, an open question: why do punk legends like to befriend dance-music schlubs ten years too late?