Jello Biafra on Politics, Brooklyn, and Wesley Willis

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Elizabeth Sloan
Jello Biafra, the High Priest of Harmful Matter
Legendary political punk provocateur Jello Biafra is returning with his band The Guantanamo School of Medicine to Highline Ballroom tonight, June 27. As energetic as he is outspoken, tonight's show continues his 35+ years of high velocity high concept punk plunder. We spoke to Biafra about how his approach has turned topical issues into timeless songs, as well as some of the gems in the 35 year history of his label Alternative Tentacles including his country album with Mojo Nixon which turns 20 this year.

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Is It Too Early To Do A Swine Flu Song Post?

Probably. But since swine flu officially murdered Cinco De Mayo, the soddenly drunken, potentially bandito-inspired holiday we all now can't celebrate, we have nothing better to do. Plus, the Streets just released a whole zombie flick/song about this deadly plague--see above. So why not? Mike Skinner's newest track is called "He's Behind You, He's Got Swine Flu," which is pretty much self-explanatory, although he almost certainly plagiarized that line from Cam'ron, whose "Let's Talk About It" remains pretty much the gold standard for swine flu references in 2009:

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