An Oral History of the "Super Bowl Shuffle" and Other Links

Over the course of the week we read a lot of music stories. Here are a few we love, love, loved.

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Free Fallin' With John Mayer: Spotify's Most Popular Songs Of The Past Five Decades

Long were the days when my nights when my days once revolved around you.

Cool Spotify timewaster of the day: If you search for "year:xxxx-xxxx" the browser will display the most popular songs released in that range in descending order. So what does this tell us about, say, this morning's healthy discussion of the best records from the last decade? Well, Is This It's "Last Nite" comes in as the 16th-most listened-to naughts track, right behind Rise Against's "Hero of War" and ahead of Train's "Hey, Soul Sister," neither of which I recall anyone in the mentioning in the comments section that followed Maura's initial list. The data has its obvious shortcomings—for instance, because Bob Dylan (whose Love and Theft also tops Is This It) has yet to license his catalog over to the cloud, "The Times They Are A-Changin' " appears at No. 19 on the naughts list thanks to its inclusion on the Watchmen soundtrack—but it provides an interesting look into the demographics and listening patterns of Spotify listeners nonetheless. I'm guessing that a sample that listens to—no, really—JOHN MAYER'S LIVE COVER OF "FREE FALLIN' " more than any other song in in the entire decade is not representative of the larger population, but I don't know, maybe he's big in the heartland? Top fives from the '60s onward below.

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Surveying the Ladies of John Mayer's Jones Beach Concert Tonight, Via Twitter

There's a lot of anticipation in the New York air right now: John Mayer, unrepentant heartthrob, is coming to town. Marc Hogan's favorite crooner plays Jones Beach tonight; earlier today, he invited all of his Twitter fans to turn their geo-tagging on, so as to better find them mid-tailgate and hang out. His manager just Ustreamed his soundcheck; as we type this, he's fielding questions live, wearing a Yankee hat in honor of George Steinbrenner. Needless to say, he's also trending on Twitter, and the ladies are going wild. In advance of the show, which starts in a few hours, we figured we'd check in with Mayer's core demographic and get a sense of just how heated things are gonna get tonight. We were going to write jokes for these, but uh...

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So... Did Anyone Make It Out To See John Mayer Play The Village Underground At 3 a.m. Last Night?

john mayer underground.jpg
Because apparently this actually happened. As it all went down, what, four hours ago, lousy video/breathless blogspot deconstructions are in short supply at the moment, but they'll certainly surface soon, and in the meantime, let this be a lesson to you: Hang out in the Village at all hours of the night. Cool things will inevitably happen. Update: Still no video of the actual show, but a Twitter user named Shana did capture John Mayer singing "Billie Jean" with a homeless man at 5am outside of Village Underground, after the concert:

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Rob Tannenbaum, The Guy Who Asked the Q's In The Disastrous John Mayer Playboy Q&A, Speaks: "I Hope the Story Will Have A Revisionist Phase, Where More People Address the Non-Repulsive Things He Had To Say"

john mayer playboy.jpg
L.A. Times rock-critic queen Ann Powers has a long, engrossing email chat with Rob Tannebaum, who conducted the "My dick is a white supremacist" Playboy interview that ruined John Mayer's week last week. (Ruined a few people's weeks, maybe.) Rob offers a few clarifications ("Let me answer a related question you didn't ask: Mayer wasn't 'drunk' during the interview") and is cautiously sympathetic to Mayer's plight, lamenting the way an incredibly long and complex chat was so brusquely distilled:

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John Mayer Regrets Saying That Thing He Said About Having a "Hood Pass"


Well, yeah, the only thing more predictable than this apology was him saying some variant of it in the first place. Long day on the internet for all kinds of people.

John Mayer: "My Dick Is Sort Of Like A White Supremacist"

Dude you mispelled "SVU"
Let it be known that John Mayer's candid-interview game is unstoppable right now. Hot on the heels of his bonkers TMI orgy of a Rolling Stone cover story ("The Joshua Tree of vaginas" and so forth) comes an in-depth chat with friend-of-SOTC Rob Tannenbaum for none other than Playboy. And while John reliably holds forth on masturbation ("There have probably been days when I saw 300 vaginas before I got out of bed") and his celebrity dalliances ("If Jennifer Aniston knows how to use BitTorrent I'll eat my fucking shoe"), the interview's most remarkable exchange dabbles in race relations:

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