The Five Best Juicy J Outros of All Time

Juicy J of Three-6 Mafia
The charismatic Juicy J of Three-6 Mafia takes the stage tonight at Irving Plaza. While his legacy is no doubt acclaimed for the group's groundbreakingly cryptic early work, irresistible later anthems and one of the greatest Oscar acceptance speeches of all time, there's one more aspect to Juicy J that's gone under-appreciated for far too long. In a world where rap albums, mixtapes and free downloads have become overwrought with meandering and forgettable skits, absolutely nobody has made as consistently entertaining outros as Juicy J and DJ Paul. While their earlier work featured brooding atmospheric outros that aimed to keep the album's vibe going while the two informed loyal listeners of the upcoming Hypnotized Minds releases, right around the turn of the century the two began cutting loose and having fun while listing off what was next for the crew. In the name of perhaps hip-hop's most consistently reliable form of info-tainment, here are our picks for Juicy J's top outros of all time!

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We Plugged Ten Rappers' Names Into Juicy J's Stripper Name Generator

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Juicy J

Earlier today, Juicy J encouraged his Twitter followers to embrace the full spectrum of the American dream by going out to vote and then discovering their official stripper name on his website. This seemed like a fine excuse to run the full and proper real names of ten notable rappers through the Juice's online generator. Read on to find out who struts around in stripper-heels as Six-Pack Honkercock and who embraces the pole as Raquelle Leathertush.

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Live: Juicy J Gets Caught Leading A Mosh At The Paper Box

Juicy J
The Paper Box
Thursday, August 16

Better than: Everything ever.

Covered in sweat, sporting his trademark locs (or stunners), making a crowd mosh and surge at his beck and call, you'd never know Juicy J is in too cool for school New York City. Then again, this is Brooklyn—Bushwick, at that.

Upon arrival, the doors were shut down, cops shining floodlights at the crowd. Took a minute, but we got past the bewildered security who were a bit overwhelmed by the turnout. (You advertise a $5 Juicy J show, expect herds.) The place was a kiln, but luckily there was a cool (if also crowded) courtyard. A group called Nomadics performed, but save for one song, their material wasn't compelling enough to stay in the heat.

Out back, kids skated a ramp; the crowd, many of whom had been there since around 7, were a little antsy by the time 11 p.m. rolled around, but nothing popped off except for a minor spat between a girl, her boyfriend and another girl. (Yeesh.)

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Live: Fool's Gold Day Off Party Turns into a Relay Rave

Fools Gold Day Off
City Winery
Monday, September 5

Better than: Catching bullets at a parade.

New York City empties out on Labor Day weekend, but for the past two years those who've stuck around have been able to see behind the curtain on what's next, on what's nexter-than-next, and the emerging trends in fashion and music and beer thanks to the Fool's Gold party, tucked into the parking lot behind City Winery. (For instance, this year I saw a bunch of people drinking 40s of Olde English, the champagne of street corners, due either to recessionary spending or one stop past irony on the L train.)

Fool's Gold is a boutique record label and lifestyle choice curated by DJs Nick Catchdubs and A-Trak in Brooklyn, a valued and influential co-sign to weirdo artistes and left-of-left-brain thinkers alike. Run down the rabbit hole far enough and there are connections made to The Cool Kids, Kanye West, Kid Cudi and many others' success. (That explains why CEO of Warner Bros. Records Todd Moscowitz—still smelling like The Hamptons—strolled the grounds yesterday, eating ice cream.) Armand Van Helden and Diplo hung around the VIP section, not far from Miss Info, Action Bronson, Plain Pat and Freddie Gibbs. P-Thugg of Chromeo, his belly hanging out of his head-to-toe Cross Colors outfit, wandered. It was like a Fader family barbeque, a cookout for discriminating tastes.

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