Q&A: Kindness On Baby DJ Reality Shows, The Democracy of Pop Music And How Easy It Is To Get Him To DJ Your Wedding

Marek Berry
"Kindness is a dick!" How great it would be if that were true, even if just for irony and anthropomorphism's sake? But no, Adam "Kindness" Bainbridge stays true to his vague moniker. A multi-disciplinary artist and longtime DJ who studied photography, Banbridge is just casual about his newfound fame, an attitude which in the past has been misinterpreted as pretension and "caginess." Over the course of an afternoon together, I found him to be a cheeky, guileless young man on the brink of a very exciting career but trying to retain a bit of himself in the process. While the Music Gods don't typically grant clemency, kindness can always help.

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12 For '12: A Dozen Songs From This Year That You Should Hear Right Now

Evans The Death.
In this week's Voice I offered up a midseason report of sorts, listing 12 particularly outstanding tracks from this year. Here, for your listening pleasure, are the 12 songs in streamable form (via a combination of YouTube and Soundcloud so as to not lock anyone—or any songs—out). Happy listening, and if you'd like to share a 2012 song that's particularly tickled your ears, by all means do so in the comments.

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Live: Kindness Shows Its Hand At (Le) Poisson Rouge

(le) Poisson Rouge
Thursday, May 17

Better than: You.

Adam Bainbridge, mastermind of UK electro project Kindness, is a cool guy, but he might be just a little too cool for his own good. Last night at (le) Poisson Rouge—where Kindness made its New York City debut—Bainbridge firmly established himself as a powerful and talented stage presence. But he also showed himself to be willing to undermine that charisma with snide, off-the-cuff comments and an arrogant, almost pretentious attitude.

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The 17 Best Songs Of 2012 (So Far)

Tomorrow is the last day of March, as you might already know, and it also marks the end of the first quarter of 2012. What better way to close out a three-month span than to size up its musical offerings via playlist? Below, please find the contents of my "2012 awesomeness" playlist, a running-all-year diary of the songs that have hit my ear in a particularly pleasurable way. Among the 17 bands on it are Tanlines, Pop. 1280, fun., and Pistol Annies!

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