Q&A: King Khan On His Favorite Superhero, Taking A Trip To Bethlehem, And His "Volatile Volcano Of Love"

King Khan—he of the Shrines, the King Khan & BBQ Show, the Black Jaspers, the... oh, you get the idea—is back, but then he never really leaves. This native Canadian, now living in Berlin between endless globe-hopping and side projects, is a busy man. He's in the Big Apple this week with his soul/garage revue, The Shrines, and it's been a few months since he graced one of our stages with his oft-bedazzled miniskirted keister. But you let two weeks pass, and this guy might have another tall tale or two to tell you if you ask. So we did.

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Deer Tick Fill In For An Absentee and/or Arrested King Khan in St. Louis

Deer Tick singer John McCauley, in drag. Photo by Todd Owyoung
That right there is a picture of Deer Tick singer John McCauley in drag out in St. Louis last night, where he filled in for the King Khan & BBQ Show after the duo was apparently arrested (yup!) somewhere between Nashville and Missouri. McCauley himself was a surprise guest, there on the low to support his girlfriend Nikki Darlin, whose band Those Darlins are presently on tour with King Khan. Who again, didn't show up. Confused? Us too--a full accounting of this bonkers evening, courtesy of our Riverfront Times sister paper, over here.

CMJ: MyOpenBar Party at Don Pedro's with Women, Vivian Girls, King Khan, and Blood on the Bar

Blood on the Stool: Weird Al's gross-joke riff on Blood on the Wall

Women, Vivian Girls, Muslims, LiveFastDie
Don Pedro's
Thursday, October 23
photos by Rebecca Smeyne

MyOpenBar, the free-booze guide co-run by our very own camera-killing correspondent Rebecca Smeyne, had their CMJ fete on Thursday night, way the hell out in Bushwick. The Muslims, Vivian Girls, and Women starred; Hotlanta's Black Lips and their gut-showing bro King Khan showed up, stayed late, and King Khan even guested on a few songs with this cantankerous Swing State punk band LiveFastDie. Apparently these lasses take that last part very seriously: the guitarist clowned a Vice affiliate in the head, who then gushed blood furiously. But it's all in good punk-rock fun because Vice guy's still alive and bragging about it on the interwebs. The cops also came and left.

Also, far less interesting, but noteworthy nonetheless: there was almost a mosh pit for Vivian Girls!

P.S. Photos from that night of the Black Lips touching tongues over here.

LiveFastDie take their name very seriously, there with King Khan

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