In Honor Of National Donut Day, The Trollgaze Index Sizes Up Krispy Kreme (The Rapper, That Is)

Categories: Krispy Kreme

Yesterday the Alabama rapper Krispy Kreme—think a 21-year-old Paul Wall lookalike who sounds like a Yelawolf impersonator whose tricks are performing with a mouth full of marbles and rhyming "back" with "back," streamed over a super-slow Internet connection"—released the song "Best Friends," a charming little ditty about his best friend (of course) being hooded and hustled into a van as he's kidnapped by a 17-year-old drug dealer. It's dedicated to Tupac; it features clothing fashioned by the popular-slash-loathed MC Mac Miller. All of this, of course, means that it's time to break out The Trollgaze Index, in which we gauge the media-manipulation skills of today's musical artists.

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