Photos: The Final Show at Death by Audio

All photos by Rob Menzer for the Village Voice
Crowd-surfing on Saturday night at Death by Audio. See all the Death by Audio final show photos.
The DIY music scene in north Brooklyn continues to see its venues close. On Saturday, Death by Audio (49 S. 2nd Street) hosted its last show in a seven-year run as a DIY space in Williamsburg. Grooms, JEFF the Brotherhood, A Place to Bury Strangers, and Lightning Bolt performed for a packed house. A few people threw issues of Vice magazine around the space as Lightning Bolt played. (Vice is moving in.) Photos by Rob Menzer for the Village Voice.

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Wayne Coyne Talks Flaming Lips/Lightning Bolt EP: How It Came About, How To Hear It

While The Flaming Lips might currently be without a contract at Warner Bros., there are signs that the relationship is far from expired—including but not limited to the fact that their handler there still hooks up email interviews, for example.

At a Boston in-store appearance on Tuesday, Wayne Coyne distributed the first test-pressings of a four-song, 12" EP between the Lips and the Lightning Bolt. For a certain kind of noise freak, this amounts to a meeting of psych-damaged minds that feels far too long in having come about. Yet, despite the Warner logo on the back of the vinyl, there's no distribution through the label. Meantime, over on eBay, the first sealed copy purchased direct from Coyne's hands has popped up; with two days left on the auction, the bidding is already up to $66.

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Photos: Pool Party with Cap'n Jazz, Lightning Bolt, and David Cross

All photos by Sam Horine.
Cap'n Jazz. Full gallery of Pool Party with Cap'n Jazz and Lightning Bolt here.

Yesterday was the third week of this summer's eight Jelly NYC Pool Parties, and with Lightning Bolt, No Age, and the return of emo stalwarts Cap'n Jazz, the bill was one of the summer's best free-show line-ups. Unfortunately, Lightning Bolt were defeated by their namesake and the Pool Party was relocated to the much-smaller, far more hectic Brooklyn Bowl, a scenario we recounted in far more detail earlier today. But as the crowd shifted, people who know people drank for free in the waterfront-adjacent AllSaints Pub, the pop-up VIP-only bar where Sam Horine photographed the Sunday-afternoon inhabitants. And hey, one of them was David Cross.

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News Roundup: Kanye a No-Show at the BET Awards, Roc Raida Tribute Set for CMJ, Lightning Bolt Premiere "Flooded Chamber"

-- Kanye West did not manage to appear at last night's BET Awards, despite being nominated for nine awards. Is this news? More so, apparently, than any of the awards themselves, which went to some people, who rap. Allegedly. Meanwhile, Hip Hop Wired comes through with the bold theory that Yeezy's in India, claiming that the rapper "is taking some time out now for a religious retreat to reassess his life at a Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, a small coastal town in South India." As always, true or not, this is man who is three joke-moves ahead of you at all times.

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Lightning Bolt Release "Colossus" (Hell Yeah), Play New York August 30

Lost (to this blog, anyway) in the hubbub yesterday surrounding Lightning Bolt's return--and their new song, "Colossus," is definitely a return--is the fact that they also announced an NYC tour date: August 30, at 979 Broadway Backyard. Lightning Bolt, it sometimes seems, proceed by fits and starts--peaks followed by long holding patterns, monster shows followed by radio silence, and so on. But "Colossus" is a big leap, even for them. It's doomier and slower and more intelligible; it's also got at least three distinct parts, from the Sabbath homage with which it starts, all the way through a middle section nod to the band's own skippy, sped-up history and remarkably thrashed-out third act. The record's meant to come out October 13 on Load, and is called Earthly Delights. We have high hopes for a song called "Nation of Boar." Details:

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