Holler! The Ten Loudest, Shoutiest Rappers

Waka Flocka Flame is the sort of of hip-hop artist who doesn't so much rap or flow as he shouts his ass off. It's a formula that imbues the Atlanta-based rapper's songs with a boisterous, visceral appeal—and one that he's looking to continue with the release of his second studio album, Triple F For Life: Friends, Fans And Family, which will officially drop on New Year's Eve. But Waka's not alone in pledging his allegiance to the lowbrow art of shout rap; the following hip-hop gents also excel at vociferating into microphones.

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Yelawolf Lords Over The VIP Section On "Hard White (Up In The Club)"

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The fleet-tongued Alabama MC Yelawolf has been making the rounds on the Warped Tour in advance of his major-label debut Radioactive, which comes out next month, and last night that album's first single leaked. "Hard White (Up In The Club)" is a flip of the club-jam with Yela using the setting not as a means to its own black-hole end, but more as a podium from which he can brag about his recent ascent and drink non-well whiskey (in this case, the Lil Jon assist seems more like an attempt to set a scene than any sort of retro bandwagon-jumping). He also notes that, no, despite his skin color and tattoos he's not the next Fred Durst. (Which, I mean, if you ever heard him run a verse over with the lingual equivalent of a really fast car you'd know this, but I guess it's good that he's disabusing those who might judge the music before hearing it of this notion.) Clip below.

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What Do Lil Jon and Susan Sarandon Have in Common?

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Lil Jon and Susan Sarandon, reenacting the Twins poster. Photo via Complex/Say_WordYo
A love of skateboarding, apparently. Both were at yesterday's Maloof Money Cup at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, a pro skating competition sponsored by the infamous Maloof brothers, owners of the Sacramento Kings and guardians of young Ali Lohan's tremulous career. Hence the preposterous $100,000 first place prize for being good at street skating, nabbed this year by the Pennsylvania-born Chris Cole. Our full gallery of the proceedings, shot by the intrepid Rebecca Smeyne, can be found here. Alas, Smeyne didn't track down Lil Jon--thank Complex for the above photo--but another member of the illustrious SOTC paparazzi crew reports that when she saw the rapper, he was "handing out flyers for his album, with literally no entourage--just handing out flyers to people as they left. Is that ultra gangster or not at all?" We say the former. Better, more romantic/artistic shot below:

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