David Letterman Checking Out His Female Musical Guests: A Brief History

David Letterman is no stranger to lust: This is a man who had so much sex with his female employees that people once held a rally to get him fired for being a pervert. And though he remains a national treasure, his eyes do tend to wander, even today. On Monday night, British songstress Adele got a thorough once-over from the venerable talk-show host, as seen above. It wasn't the first time. Here we present more examples of Letterman not-so-discreetly checking out the female musicians who've visited his show over the years.

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Lil Wayne's Show In NYC Thursday Is Back On

lil wayne nicki minaj.jpg
Verily, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj will be taping a Carson Daly NYE spot on Thursday evening -- the same show Wayne announced and then immediately retracted yesterday. In a radio interview, Wayne explained the confusion: Some since-admonished third party hijacked his personal Twitter account to promote it, but "I don't never have to promote nothing -- that's the beauty of Lil Wayne."

Meanwhile, everyone you know on the Internet has spent the afternoon listening to Wayne's new single, which is certifiably insane.

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Top Ten Songs Named "Fuck You" Or The Immediate Equivalent

cee-lo FU.jpg
On Friday Cee-Lo debuted a delightful new song with the simplest, most uncouth title possible: "Fuck You." It immediately joined the upper echelons of a surprisingly crowded genre -- from 50 Cent to Pharoahe Monch, the Avengers to Pussy Galore, Lil Kim to Atmosphere, there are lots of songs named "Fuck You" or immediate permutations thereof ("Fuck You Lucy," "I Love You, But Fuck You," and so on). Here are 10 of the best.

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Lily Allen Is Pregnant

Terribly sorry to break out the 'ol 'SOTC TMZ' tag, but there is just something really endearing about a 25-year-old pop star holding up the Sun front page announcing her pregnancy while grinning in that blissed-out, soon-to-be-a-new-parent kind of way. Especially when her most recently stated dream was to "find someone to fall in love with, have another go at having children, and move somewhere else." It's happening! (So maybe we've had a couple friends have kids lately. Sue us.) [Sun/Lily Allen]

"BLAZE THE FUCK PAST US": Jessica Hopper On The Lily Allen/Courtney Love War, a/k/a "The Blinded Nostalgia Trope Of The Aging Rock 'n' Roll Feminist"

Still a good song though right

Pretty inspired mini-manifesto here about old-guard female rockers (looking at you, too, Cherie Currie) sassing the new, innovative, vastly underrated wave of female rockers, just because we're all too nostalgic for Liz Phair or L7 or whatever. Thesis in one line: "Lily Allen, regardless of what anyone thinks, is basically the Sex Pistols of girls making bedroom electronic pop." Thesis in a few more lines:

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News Roundup: Chris Taylor Unveils Terrible Records, Dream House Reopens, and Lily Allen Goes to War

--Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor has started a new label. It's called Terrible Records, and so far, the label's two-release slate looks pretty impressive. October 13 will see a split single from Taylor and departed avant-disco downtown icon Arthur Russell. And, a couple weeks later, on October 28, Terrible will release the 10" debut of Brooklyn softies Acrylics--a record that Taylor also produced. That's not a bad month for any label, brand-new or otherwise.

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Finally, Lily Allen Is the Tool For a Change


Lily Allen, who has accused many a man (and woman) of being a tool, or words to that effect, is now herself a tool. The artist Pete Dungey's latest project is 'Alan Keys,' a set of Allen wrenches depicting the most famous Allan's/Alan's/Allen's of 2009. The rankings come courtesy of "a survey to establish who the most well-known 'Alan' was in 2009" undertaken by the artist earlier this year. Being a Brit, Dungey's list perhaps unduly privileges Alan Titchmarsh, the famous English gardener, but Lily is holding fast at third. Surely there are some people who would take deep, mildly sadistic pleasure in employing these wrenches in the everyday grind of bicycle maintenance and home repair.

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Lily Allen Playing Free Show at the Bowery Ballroom with Matt and Kim (!?!)


Lily Allen's new record It's Not Me, It's You comes out officially next Tuesday, February 10--it's been streaming on MySpace for days. Remember, the sassy pop tart partly owes her career to Tom Anderson and his WarGames ways, so it's fitting that she'll be headlining a free MySpace "Secret" Show at the Bowery Ballroom on her record release day. Her openers? Matt and Kim. Please God let them all cover "Womanizer."

As for It's Not Me, It's You--it wouldn't be a Lily Allen release if it didn't have a track permanently shaming a dude for being terrible in the sack. Last time, she complained that her man-friend had a small wee-wee in "Not Big"; this time, "Not Fair" is a horrendously misguided hoedown (!?!) about a selfish bloke who makes her lie in wet patches. Up next: "Not Alive"?