Five Rappers Fans Love That Critics Can't Stand

Mac Miller

By Marcus Arman

Not all rappers need critical adoration to achieve commercial success. Some use negative reviews as motivation, others dismiss them as hate, and a few of them probably don't know what constitutes a review. But it's commendable anytime an artist reaches some level of success. In fact, some of the most popular artists of past and current generations have been critical dwarves. Consider this an ode to the artists who are often the butt of rap-snob jokes. Here's our list of the top five critic-proof rappers.

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Seven Must-Dos For The Modern Young Weed Rapper

Wiz Khalifa is in love with weed. The Pittsburgh-raised rapper has established himself as a hip-hop superstar by making songs that are largely hooked around getting high. While it's not all that a unique pastime—the likes of Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill ushered in the first great rush of weed raps back in the early-'90s—a fresh bunch of young greenery fiends now defines the rap scene. Here's SOTC's handy seven-step guide to becoming a Modern Young Weed Rapper, should you want to follow the current crop's trail of smoke.

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Mac Miller Rallies Hip-Hop Cognoscenti for Blue Slide Park

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Mac Miller

Mac Miller
Quad Recording Studios
Wednesday, October 27

Better than: Waiting until 11/8/2011

"Turn it up loud because I like to listen to it loud," Mac Miller gleefully prefaced as his debut album blared over the speakers. Joint in hand--sometimes alternated with a bottle of champagne--and cloaked in a hooded sweatshirt with a pair of slide sandals with socks, the wunderkind known for goofy lyrics about mogul Donald Trump and turkey sandwiches previewed Blue Slide Park (slated for 11/8/2011 release) to a small group of hip-hop journalists and influencers last night at Quad Recording Studios.

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