Mary Travers Memorial Set for Monday

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Dylan, Donovan, Travers--all you need to know, really.
Mary Travers, the lovely (a face and figure every bit as adorable as Tuesday Weld, said one of our more august colleagues) and committed Peter, Paul and Mary linchpin who died in September--from complications related to leukemia--will be remembered next Monday November 9 at Morningside Heights' Riverside Church, according to the New York Times. Her erstwhile bandmates will be in the building; so will a suitably diverse and lefty coterie including Pete Seeger, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Moyers, John Kerry, and George McGovern. Travers was one of the good people of the last half century--those who knew her best will surely attest to this fact next week. Tickets will be available to the public the day of the event, and public is very much invited to come.

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Travers with Dylan and Donovan.
--Mary Travers, the star and siren of folk's Peter, Paul and Mary, died yesterday. Though the Times obit is weirdly fixated on the beards of the two men that usually flanked her, Pete Yarrow and Paul Stookey, Travers was the consensus star of the group--her voice was at the center of everything they did. And though the trio's music holds up somewhat indifferently to these ears, give Travers and her bandmates credit for being on the right side of history: Peter, Paul and Mary performed at the 1963 March on Washington, were in Selma and Montgomery in '65, did benefits for Cesar Chavez, and were arrested in front of South African Embassy protesting against apartheid. Travers stayed both politically and musically active up until her death, at 72, from complications related to leukemia. It was a life to be proud of.

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