Tonight! Will Hermes Talks About His New Book With Kool Herc, Laurie Anderson, Bob Christgau, And More

River left empty for obligatory Klosterman blurb.
Yes, tonight at Housing Works longtime Voice pal Will Hermes assembles hip-hop Godfather DJ Kool Herc, Patti Smith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye, Laurie Anderson, Salsa legend Larry Harlow, and former Voice music editor Robert Christgau to discuss the city's music scene(s), as they unfolded from 1973 through 1977. This period is also the subject of Hermes's recent book Love Goes to Buildings on Fire, a remarkable side-by-side examination of downtown rock, loft jazz, salsa, disco, early hip-hop, and whatever else was going on sonically, tracking each genre as it evolved over the period. Hermes has been part of a few excellent panels lately, joining Mark Yarm, Marcus Reeves, and Marisa Meltzer at the Brooklyn Book Festival and Nitsuh Abebe at a recent Love Goes To event, but this looks like the best one yet.

And in slightly nerdier news, on Friday, Steven Shaviro, whose essay on Greil Marcus and the Pointer Sisters was one of the highlights from Zer0 Books's extraordinary The Resistable Demise of Michael Jackson, speaks uptown at Columbia's Center for Ethnomusicology, where he'll deliver a paper entitled, "Splitting the Atom: Post-Cinematic Articulations of Sound and Vision." Apparently, he'll be focusing on the music video for the Massive Attack song of the same name, embedded below.

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Listen To An Advance Stream Of The New Massive Attack Record, Heligoland, At, Because Why The Hell Not

Have at it. It's out Tuesday, Feb. 9. Guest spots from Tunde Adebimpe, Damon Albarn, Hope Sandoval, Guy Garvey, and Martina Topley-Bird, among others. Track 3 ("Splitting the Atom," featuring reggae great Horace Andy) is basically funereal P-Funk, if that interests you at all. Oh, and nice cover, guys.

What the Legendary 1973 Porn Film The Devil in Miss Jones and Massive Attack Have in Common

Yikes, even this screenshot isn't safe for work, huh.
Actually, no idea. But the video to the first single from Massive Attack's forthcoming new record, Heligoland--the song's called "Paradise Circus"--is somehow actually basically just a documentary on porn actress Georgina Spelvin and her feelings during the shooting of one of the three or four most notorious porn films of all time. With vocals by Hope Sandoval, if that makes sense. I dunno: NSFW. Directed by Toby Dye. Honestly it's kind of sad. [Stereogum]