The Lonely Island Better Not Lose Its Emmy Race To A Song From Freaking Family Guy

Four songs from this past season of Saturday Night Live—three by the Andy Samberg-led pop-comedy troupe the Lonely Island, and Justin Timberlake's protestation that he's so over being a pop star—have been nominated for Emmys in the Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics category. (That's four of the category's six slots, for those of you who were counting.) As it happens I listened to the still-giggle-worthy "Jack Sparrow," the Michael Bolton-assisted paean to the club and summer blockbusters, this morning while trying out Spotify (about which more later), and it's one of the three Lonely Island tracks up to bring home the trophy on Sept. 18. (Sorry, "Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie And Clyde.") The full slate of original-song nominees after the jump, plus a bonus "hey this track got robbed!" entry from one of this season's best new shows.

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Five Songs That Could Rule This Summer (And One That You'll Probably Listen To A Lot Anyway)

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, the season where people--despite their best efforts--engage in communal listening thanks to power of radios blaring through cracked-open windows, propped bodega doors, and other points of entry that are cracked just wide enough to let in something resembling a breeze. The unofficial establishment of a Jam Of The Summer has been something of a fun pre-season ritual for pop watchers, who love prognosticating on matters regarding mass musical-consumption tastes. After the jump, five songs that have the bass-shaking power to be heard all over New York City this summer--and song that'll probably get played quite a few times thanks to its seasonally appropriate theme.

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Michael Bolton And The Lonely Island Go To The Movies

The Lonely Island's Turtleneck & Chain comes out tomorrow, and the weekend's Saturday Night Live previewed its arrival with "Jack Sparrow," in which Michael Bolton drops by the studio and provides a hook more inspired by his Netflix queue than by nights out in New York City's Meatpacking District. (Who could blame him, etc.) Wonder if the Lonely Island guys got invited to his house during the brainstorming of this song, which melds a standing-on-a-beach-alone chorus and club-ready inanity remarkably well--it almost makes you want to go back in time and swap him out for Rod Stewart on that song from The Three Musketeers that he did with Sting and Bryan Adams.

Michael Bolton & Kenny G Just Might Have Brought '90s Nostalgia Full Circle

Many people around your corner of the Internet will be giggling about the seeming waiting-room singularity epitomized by the just-announced Beacon Theatre show pairing Michael Bolton with Kenny G--set to take place on June 19; tickets go on sale next Monday morning and start at $45--but let it be known that this team-up is nothing new: The above video is from the 1990 Grammys, during which the two teamed up for Bolton's syrupy "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You," which won the now-defunct Best Male Pop Vocal Performance award. Quibble as you might over whether or not 1990 should count as "the '90s," it really isn't too much of a stretch to hope that at the very least, a few early adopters can move on to unfettered pining for the '00s!

My 10 Favorite Concerts Of 2010, Starring Jay-Z, Pavement, And Michael Bolton

malkmus yells.JPG
Stephen Malkmus, at the first of Pavement's 50 shows here. Pics by Rob unless noted otherwise.
The 100-plus shows I saw this year spanned from the Cake Shop to Radio City Music Hall, from Williamsburg block parties to Michael Bolton's house in Connecticut, the events that occurred therein all furtively documented on an iPhone notepad and sometimes captured via relentlessly amateurish photography. The best were a mix of usual suspects and total surprises, current hitmakers and reconstructed old-timers, all hitting whatever stage with some combination of joy, ferocity, indifference, disdain, and messianic grandeur. Here are the 10 that made my imminent hearing loss seem nonetheless somehow totally worth it.

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I Went To Michael Bolton's House In Connecticut For A Cocktail Party

bolton studio 1.jpg
Our host, in his element
Look, when you get an email with that offer, you say yes. It's just a fact. And thus do I find myself on a bus yesterday evening with 20-odd publicists, journalists (OK!, In Style, Vibe, Entertainment Weekly, etc.), and TV/radio people, a merciful lack of ironical "LOL Michael Bolton" condescension polluting the air. There are people on this bus who are not his publicists who can tell you about his fairly recent records (including Bolton Swings Sinatra and A Swingin' Christmas); they express genuine curiosity re: his new one, One World One Love, which is out in May and features songs written with both Ne-Yo and Lady Gaga. It's playing in the bus right now, in fact, but later tonight Mike will blast it for us in his own personal home studio. But not before he piles us into his living room and plies us with Grey Goose cocktails, scallops, giant wheels of cheese, and actually quite engrossing small talk.

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