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Morrissey Thinks The Word "Indie" Has Been Bleached Of All Meaning

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"The word 'indie' is meaningless now. It's so over-used that people think it simply means green hair."
The always-quotable Morrissey has some things to say about the current state of pop music in an extended interview with Billboard; he calls Madonna "McDonna" and wishes she'd be more like Edith Piaf, declares that he'll never turn into Michael Bublé (whew), and offers up this musing on the state of the i-word. Of course, the meaning of "indie" in Britain is a bit more modern-rock-skewing than the Our Band Could Be Your Life-derived version of the term employed on this side of the Atlantic, but his point on the meaningless of the term stands. Not that it's going to stop it from being mis/used all over the place, and I think the button-down dudes in brotastic bands like the ones currently populating the upper reaches of "indie" would turn their noses up at the prospect of sporting green locks, but you know, it's always good to think about the words we're using when we're using them!

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Live: Morrissey Gets Stoned at Bowery Ballroom

Angela Hogan
Our unsleepable friend gets the message on an ill-wind

Bowery Ballroom
Saturday, March 21

"I can smell your draft," Morrissey announced upon taking the stage at the Bowery Ballroom, the smallest New York venue the former Smiths emo-crooner has played in easily Googleable internet memory. The 550-capacity Bowery Ballroom is a step down for the Pope of Mope-- last time he was in town, Moz was originally supposed to play Madison Square Garden (but ended up at Hammerstein, post-cancellations); later this week he'll be at Carnegie Hall (and Webster, but y'know). At first, I figured he was making some obsolete quip about our dank Lower East Side hygiene. Four songs in, as a plume of green smoke from the front rows climbed to the rafters, the man's point was unmistakable: "I'm not really used to this smell, and I'm warning you, it could have an interesting effect on me. If I were you, I'd stand back."

Morrissey's superfans mostly took their hero's advice, even though they're notorious huggers. And as for interesting effects, Moz was in his hoped-for charming form, chatting and gesticulating throughout a disappointingly brief 80-minute set. Current album Years of Refusal is the best since 1994's Vauxhall and I, and the evening's songs were just about evenly split between YoR, 2004's You Are the Quarry, older Morrissey solo output, and the Smiths. (2006's Ringleader of the Tormentors wuz robbed.) His longtime backing band, including bolo-tie-rocking guitarist Boz Boorer, gave tunes both new and old a muscular glam-rockabilly crunch. If intimacy was the draw, charisma and showmanship were the rewards. Also: middle-aged male semi-nudity.

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Live: Morrissey in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Nope, this has nothing to do with New York. But it's Morrissey in Alabama. And since SOTC crack correspondent Rob Trucks was already on the scene, we had to have him report back.

July 19
Alabama Theatre

Morrissey Visits The Dentist For The First Time Since Viva Hate And Plays A Show. In Birmingham, Alabama. Or, The Queen Is Southern. For A Night.

By Rob Trucks

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