Muse - Madison Square Garden - 4/15/13

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Ashley Mungo
Better Than: The last two times I've seen the band perform live.

With similar amounts of conviction, Muse can weave between whimsical space rockers to heavy metal gods to frenzied, late-'90's alt rockers that dabble in soft doses of dubstep. The transitions are so subtle sometimes that, upon reflection, the idea of all these fighting genres coexisting in such a neatly presented package seems insane. But maybe Muse are kind of insane.

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Hot 100 Roundup: Eric Church And Luke Bryan Milk It, Eminem Gets Silly, And More

It's almost September (it already is on the Hot 100, which is dated over a week ahead of time), and the labels are starting to roll out the medium-sized guns: Muse! The Script! Trey Songz! Slaughterhouse? The best stuff is older, though: The Chief Keef track is from a mixtape released in March, and the Eric Church and Luke Bryan tracks are both over a year old and milking best-selling albums. None of this week's entries is great, and three of them are awful (guess), but the fall season has officially started. Don't forget to duck.

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Is Muse's Song For The Olympics The Most Ridiculous Piece Of Music 2012 Has To Offer?

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You're in the British pomp-rock act Muse, and you've been charged with writing the official song for the 2012 Olympics, which will be held in London and which will be a massive event for your home country. How do you respond to this honor, especially in the wake of creating outrage among your loyalists by releasing a trailer for your upcoming record that hints a flirtation with dubstep? By crafting a five-minute epic that sounds like a mash-up of film scores and Billy Joel records, of course!

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