The Case Against My Bloody Valentine's mbv

Gotcha with the headline, but I'm not here to hate on mbv. I'm a fan. I've daydreamed a dozen Loveless follow-ups, but I wasn't satisfied with the ones in my head-- I needed to hear what Kevin Shields had crashing around in his. mbv is not quite what I hoped for and not quite what I expected, which is why it's such an exciting record: all my educated guesses based on the Lost in Translation soundtrack and the "Map Ref" cover and the jungle-obsessed interviews were slightly off the mark. mbv still surprised me constantly. I love it, and I'm glad many other fans are enjoying it as much.

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All Points West Saturday: Mud, Tool, and the Mighty My Bloody Valentine

The goal for day two of All Point West, at least in the eyes of the promoters, was to make you forget that just 24 hours ago, you or someone you know got drenched. And probably complained about it, or warned you to stay away. So they cut a deal: if you bought a Friday ticket, you could come back Saturday or Sunday. Just show that crumpled, crinkled dried out stub and you'd get in today, or tomorrow, for free. A nice gesture, aimed squarely at making those sodden Friday festivalgoers forget that terrible, terrible downpour (unless you bought one of those $239 three day passes--then you just felt like a chump).

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