Oddsmaking: Is Bon Iver Or Foster The People Alt-But-Not-Too-Alt Enough To Win At This Year's Grammys?

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences introduced the Best Alternative Music Performance category in 1991 in anticipation of punk breaking later that year (and permanently renamed the award in 2000). Over the past two decades, the changing demographics of the nominees have reflected the ever shifting and hotly debated definition of the word "alternative." The Foo Fighters' debut was nominated for in 1996, but without changing their sound much at all they've since migrated to—and dominated—the Best Rock Album category. This year, the award continues to struggle with its identity with a field that's more unpredictable than usual: There's no lock like Beck or The White Stripes present and no big commercial breakthrough for a long-running band like the last two winners, Phoenix and The Black Keys.

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My Morning Jacket Doing Five Nights At Terminal 5, One Full Record From Their Catalog Per Night, With Charitable Inclinations

Can't say this isn't pretty rad: The gloriously hirsute, defiantly meandering, blithely omnivorous jam band is plotting five shows in six nights at the third-best rock club in the world, doing one of their albums in full each night (with additional jams, oh yes: Their shows are, like, six hours long), with $1 per ticket going to a different charity. October 21's It Still Moves fete for 826NYC would be our first gut reaction ("One Big Holiday," friends), but any of these would probably be weirdly, deeply gratifying. The lineup:

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