Hip-Hop's Top Ten Otis Redding Samples

"Otis" fever is in full effect, thanks to the Otis Redding-sampling song from Jay-Z and Kanye West's much-ballyhooed Watch The Throne project leaking Wednesday night. The track's production, based around a slick chop of Redding's "Try A Little Tenderness," might be the most impressive thing about the song, what with Jay-Z largely forgoing rapping for doing that breathless thing which suggests not so much an economy of breath control as him realizing that he can mumble anything and fans will still give him pots of money. But anyway. In celebration of "Otis," here are ten other royal rap flips of Redding's music.

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Jay-Z And Kanye West Reign From On High With "Otis"

Jay-Z and Kanye West are not like us mere mortals. These are celestial bodies, ones who can sample seminal Otis Redding tracks ("Try a Little Tenderness") and not worry for a second about clearance. Hell, Hova isn't even worried about cops anymore, bragging "I got five passports, I'm never going to jail" on "Otis," the latest peek at the two rap titans' forthcoming collaborative album Watch The Throne. And Kanye isn't even worried about hell, bragging that "Jesus Walks" saves him.

It would likely be an odd position for virtually anyone—speaking from the throne, removed by years and floors from the struggle of the uphill phases of life—and it's even odder for these two unqualified successes. Jay-Z hustled a long time ago and his legendary "I'm a business, man" line (from another collaboration with Kanye, natch) is two wars ago; Kanye has as strong a string of five albums to start his career as any rapper, and he's still got room to grow. They now face one of the upper class's convenient quandaries: How can they to make things relevant to the average Joe or Joanne when their lives are spent in different realms?

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