100 & Single: Three Rules To Define The Term "One-Hit Wonder" In 2012

You could hear the sigh of relief among pop fans a couple of weeks ago, when Carly Rae Jepsen's single with Owl City, "Good Time," broke into the Top 10 on Billboard's Hot 100.

In his weekly chart roundup, veteran columnist Paul Grein remarked, "'Good Time' is an appropriately positive title for a song that guarantees that neither act can (fairly) be referred to as a one-hit wonder." (Emphasis mine.)

Hang on a sec: The week before it leapt to No. 9 on the big chart, "Good Time" was sitting at No. 13. What if it had gone no higher than that? Would it have been fair to call Jepsen, famed for the 2012 Song Of The Summer "Call Me Maybe," or Adam "Owl City" Young, owner of the 2009 bedroom-pop megahit "Fireflies," one-hit wonders? Didn't the rise of "Good Time" into the Top 20 already preclude that ignominy for both of them? Heck, didn't the one-hit wonder tag go away the minute the song appeared on the Hot 100 two months ago?

I know what some of you are thinking, though: C'mon... of course she's a one-hit wonder. She's always gonna be Ms. "Call Me Maybe."

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Live: Owl City (And Taylor Swift!!!!!!!) Hold Dance Party At Bowery Ballroom

owl city twit.jpg
Owl City
Bowery Ballroom
Wednesday, September 16

Yep, America's Kanye-Addled Sweetheart herself, holding court in the balcony as the giggly teenage masses below fired up their digital cameras and Death Cab for Cutie blared over the PA, which is fairly brazen, considering that Owl City, a/k/a bubbly Minnesota laptop-emo heartthrob Adam Young, bears a not insignificant resemblance to the Postal Service. (We got jokes!) Over the high-pitched hoots of appreciative young ladies, Adam taps a laptop, power-strums a guitar, clutches his mic stand, bends his Gumby-lithe frame into the shape of various consonants, and sings chirpy little songs about dirtbikes, underwater Ferris wheels, turning frowns upside down, and, most notably, fireflies. "I'll spread out my wings and fly," he declares, flapping his arms. "This is kind of a silly song," goes one bit of banter. "It's about going to the dentist." The ladies scream. I feel ridiculous.

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