Oddsmaking: Will Louis C.K. Or Lonely Island Overtake "Weird Al" And Win Best Comedy Album?

Throughout the award's history, Grammy voters have tended to bestow Best Comedy Album upon trusted favorites: Bill Cosby closed out the 1960s with six straight victories; Richard Pryor took home three trophies in the '70s and two more in the '80s; and Peter Schickele opened the '90s with four consecutive wins of his own. Lately, Chris Rock, George Carlin, and the Daily Show/Colbert Report nexus of talent have dominated the category, with Flight of the Conchords providing the only surprise. This year, however, the award is pretty much up for grabs. Full rundown below.

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Live: They Might Be Giants And Patton Oswalt Cheer Up The Waterlogged At The Waterfront

They Might Be Giants w/Jonathan Coulton, Eugene Mirman & Pretty Good Friends
Williamsburg Waterfront
Friday, July 29

Better than: Funny you should ask.

Around the 30-minute mark of the the heavens' continued urination on the gathered masses at the Williamsburg Waterfront on Friday, comedian Todd Barry looked out to his soaked audience and asked in a voice filled with his usual jaded mischief: "Isn't this so much better than paying $15 to be inside?" Well, no. From where I sat near the front there was plenty of groaning, especially when the rainstorm started up again after a brief dry interlude, but few people actually left. Whether the assembled thought they could tough it out or were just that into They Might Be Giants is a question only they could answer, although based on the amount of Giants t-shirts and other paraphernalia—one dude straight-up came ready to LARP, rubber sword and shield and everything—spotted in the crowd, it's clear that the band's fanbase is a devoted one. Truly, there is no deeper bond in the universe than the bond formed between nerd and their formative talismans of nerd-dom.

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