The Great Band Known As Ponytail Has Broken Up

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One of the brightest new bands of recent memory is the Baltimore art-rock outfit Ponytail, whose shape-shifting music and live performances were characterized by a sense of wonderment; listening to their songs was like hearing a group of people constantly stumble upon things that absolutely delighted them over and over again. Sadly, that journey's no more, as they've broken up—for good this time, and not temporarily—according to a statement from Sir James Winnie of We Are Free Management that cites the geographic distance between its members as a root cause and reads in part: "It's a bummer the world will never see Ponytail live again because it was truly honest music that filled you with extreme joy. An experience like that is rare these days and if you did see Ponytail live consider yourself lucky." Amen. The just-released video for "Easy Peasy," from this year's Do Whatever You Want All The Time, below.

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Q&A: Ponytail Frontperson Willy Siegel Discusses Gender, Sexuality, And What Was In He/r Pants At Siren Fest

"It was really hot at Siren Fest, but I didn't really wanna have my boobs out. People might think it was sexual."

photo by Rebecca Smeyne
Willy Siegel at Siren Fest 2010

When Baltimore art-rock group Ponytail played the Voice's Siren Festival last summer, people noticed two things: That Ponytail is a raucous, fun, and primally wacky band, and that singer Molly Siegel had a prominent bulge in her shorts. As she jumped up and down, the bulge bounced along with her like a genderqueer metronome, forming one part of a joyfully weird performance that can now be re-lived via the video for "Easy Peasy," composed of footage taken at Coney Island that day, the first single off Ponytail's April 12 release Do Whatever You Want All The Time.

Why did Siegel decide to stuff her shorts? Was she trying to be funny? Or was it the result of some larger, more sincere philosophy shaping her life? I emailed her about it and received a cheerful reply saying that she goes by "Willy" now and would be happy to discuss gender with me over the phone. When reading, try to imagine Willy giggling amiably after everything s/he says. There were far too many giggles to transcribe.

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Siren Festival 2010 Line-Up Additions: Ponytail, Dom, Holy Fuck, Apache Beat

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The tenth-anniversary line-up of the our Siren Festival is already stacked. Matt & Kim, Ted Leo, Surfer Blood, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, the Night Marchers, Screaming Females, Earl Greyhound, Wye Oak, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Harlem. But as of this morning, there're four new names to add to that list. Baltimore ebullient-orangutan noise-makers Ponytail. Masshole woozy-pop-rock raconteur Dom. Cinematic time-keepers Holy Fuck, who already alerted their Twitter followers this morning. And Brooklyn's very own cloud-wavers, Apache Beat. It's free, set for Saturday, July 17, and all-ages. Lightspeed Champion has been added to the after-party with We Are Scientists; tickets are onsale here. See you there--we'll be the one with the burnt nose. [Siren Festival Official site]

Photos: Ponytail at Market Hotel [03.01.08]

Market Hotel
Saturday, March 1
photos by Rebecca Smeyne

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