The 10 Best Remixes By Ad-Rock

The Beastie Boys' Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 comes out Tuesday. But beyond the trio's newest collection of raffish rap japes, Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz--the Beastie who isn't going gray and who isn't rumored to be related to Saved By The Bell's Screech Powers--has been steadily carving out a niche for himself as the unthreatening hip-hop figure to approach when an artist wants to swaddle a song in a classic coat of downtown New York chic. His latest effort, an electronically muted tweaking of fellow New Yorkers Rival Schools' "69 Guns," is a fine prompt to delve into ten of his most varied remix jaunts.

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Rammstein Are Bringing Their Penis Cannons To The Izod Center

rammstein cannon.jpg
They are German. Pic by Phil Freeman.
Pyro-drenched porn-metal titans Rammstein are a dark-horse candidate for your Five Live Shows I'd Better See Before I Die list, what with the flamethrowers, the showers of shattered baby dolls, the 20-foot angel wings that shoot yet more fire, the penis cannons, etc. etc. etc. As we discovered when they hit Madison Square Garden in December, it's all pretty stupendous. So buck up and run the public-transit chain necessary to get out to New Jersey's Izod Center: They're out there May 5, with tickets on sale next Friday. For the venue it'll be a nice change of pace from the circus. I mean, just check out this entrance:

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Live: Rammstein Bring Hella Pyro (And A Penis Cannon!) To Madison Square Garden

rammstein pyro.jpg
Let's see Julie Taymor top this. Pics by Phil, more below.
Madison Square Garden
Friday, December 11

Better than: Any concert where band members don't attach flamethrowers to their faces.

I've seen dozens of concerts at Madison Square Garden, but Rammstein brought more pyro than every previous show I've personally witnessed there put together, and that includes Coldplay.

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Kings Of Leon And Rammstein (!), Coming Soon (Separately, Alas) To A Madison Square Garden Near You

kings of leon.jpg
Fresh from being chased off the stage by voluminously defecating birds at an outdoor amphitheater in St. Louis this summer, the Kings of Leon are fleeing indoors this fall to Madison Square Garden, a very large and conveniently covered building they have conquered before. Also coming to MSG: the porn-addled German gentlemen responsible for this thing.

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Attention Ghostface Killah: Rammstein Just Kicked Your Ass Up And Down The Street In The "Porniest Video Of The Week" Sweepstakes

Yes, that Rammstein. NSFW, obviously. Actually, let me try something here:


That's better. Let's just say watching it requires you to click a button that says "I approve to be of full age." (The video above is of cute cats, which I've provided to counteract my even bringing up the new Rammstein video.) It's been that kind of week.